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false advertisement

PepBoys Ad telling about oil & filter replacement says, "When the light comes on, bring it in".

When the light comes on, something else is wrong with your car, not an oil change.

I think that this is false advertisement ant should be taken off the air before someone gets sued.

I can easily see someone that has seen this commercial waiting until the light comes on the dashboard, then having to have their car towed into whom ever works on their vehicle and be told that they are going to need an engine or something because they drove there car without proper maintenance because they were waiting for the "light to come on".

  • Ch
    Chris Jun 11, 2009

    If someone is stupid enough to try and wait till a light comes on for an oil change then one of two things. #1 they have a properly working oil life monitor or #2 they are just ###ing ###ed and deserve it when the engine locks up-Chris

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  • Bi
    bikerchic6 Jan 12, 2011

    The ad for pepboys is speaking of a check engine light coming on, They do free check engine light evals and pull the codes. Most people don't have a light to tell them when it's time for an oil change. I think that this is common sense... well I THOUGHT it was until I read this.

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  • Ja
    Jackielea1 Feb 02, 2011

    I bought my tires there in the fall of 2010 .at that time they had a deal going on get all 4 tires and recieve the 4th tire free. suppose to recieve a rebate check for buying all 4 tires.since the 4th tire is suppose to be free.have not heard a word from them . still waiting on the rebate check. payed $700.00 so they are making a bundle off this false advertisement..

    I went to the pep boys in sprinfield mo.I am sure they have done this to alot of people . maybe with enough complaints they will up hold what they are advertiseing...

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fraudulent company

Approximately one week ago, I took my car to have it inspected. They inspected the car, and told me that, in order to pass inspection, I would have to pay $550.00. That seemed high, so I got a second opinion, who said the same thing, failing the same issues, and telling me the car meets state inspection guidelines outside of those issues.

I went back to the original shop and paid the money to get the car fixed. They told me that everything was all set and the car would now pass inspection. However, I was unable to get an inspection sticker because I had accidentally left the new registration at my house.

Since this is 1/2 hr away from my home, I decided to just pick up the inspection sticker at pep boys in Manchester, thinking, obviously, that they would pass the car due to the fact that two independent shops listed the same items. However, they failed the inspection, and stated that it would cost, again, over $400 to fix, noticing several things that none of the other two shops noticed. The showed me the 'failures'.

The first thing that they told me was that the 'cracked windshield' failed the inspection. When I looked at the windshield, I saw that there was, in fact, a very noticeable crack there that I and neither of the other shops had mysteriously NOT noticed before I brought it into pep boys.

Then they showed me the rear shocks, which they claimed needed to be replaced. They showed me functioning shocks with minimal wear. The ride in the car is smooth, and again, neither of the other two shops failed it. There were several other things with the car that neither of the other two shops noticed, yet pep boys failed me for.

What struck me the most was that the employees had very large grins on their faces. The kind of smile that you might remember from grade school from a bully while he takes your lunch money. I am inclined to believe that they knew they were screwing me over, and enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, I can not prove anything. Taking legal action would be an expensive, time consuming and frustrating waste of time. I just wanted to politely let other people know that these people should not be trusted.

if you value your life do not go to pep boys

I took my 2002 Mazda 626 to Pep Boys in Laurel, MD for front brake pads. They told me it was my rear drums that needed to be replaced. I thought it was odd because I have 2WD not 4WD. So I let him put the drums on. Immediately I heard a loud screeching noise, but he reassured me it would go away after 4-5 days. NOPE! 2 weeks past and I still heard it. I took it back and he told me it was a manufacturing problem with the brakes. So I knew he was lying because I have never had problems with my brakes and my car was brand new when I bought it. I came back again the next day and someone else worked on it and all they did was put a bunch of lube on it to stop the noise. Once it dried up the noise started and is even louder and my car doesn't always come to a complete stop! I paid $350.00 for them to destroy my brakes! Thanks Pep Boys for all the unnecessary money I spent and all the damage you have caused my car!

FYI... I am seeking legal advice for loss and damages.

  • Re
    Repairgod Dec 04, 2009

    Do you even know what 4wd and 2wd stand for?
    Did they replace the brake shoes as well, or just the drums? If they replaced only the drums, you haved been matched in ignorance as the WD in 2 or 4 WD stands for wheel drive...not wheel drums or anything else.

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  • kymike Jan 15, 2011

    Yes I have been burned by Pep Boys several time through the years and should have known better. This last time I was suppose to receive a rebate equal to the price of one tire. That was a years ago and a certified letter. I have been in business for many years and just can't figure out what makes this company tick. One thing is obvious many of the employees are some-what incompetent and I am being polite. However I have always said: A company is operated from the top down not from the bottom up, "go figure". We must make every effort not to deal with this company and tell others of our experiences.
    KYMIKE Louisville KY

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stay away from them!

I brought my 2003 Kia Sedona in to Pep Boys in Port Jefferson Station, NY for an oil change and they talked me into a winterizing special since I also wanted new wipers and washer fluid added. After leaving the car all day for this, my husband picked up the car and brought it home. The next morning, I realized that they never changed the back wiper (which was TYPED on my list of things needed) and my car had NO HEAT! Being January, my windows were icing up on the INSIDE with the defrost on! The next day, the car wouldn't even start! We jumped it and brought it back and after another full day of having the car, STILL NO HEAT!!

They tried to give it back to me claiming there was heat pumping when they checked it! I was furious and let the manager know it! He claimed he was the night manager and had no idea what the day shift had done to my car. I explained the car was working fine when I brought it in two days earlier. After leaving, I brought the car the next day to a REAL mechanic and found out that they had left an air pocket in the antifreeze line (the manager at Pep Boys claimed they had used xxxPSI to put air into the lines to look for leaks, which they supposedly found and repaired). No wonder there was no heat and the car overheated and wouldn't start in 20 degree weather! My advice: don't skimp on repairs by using this chain; get a REAL mechanic!

lied about needing a part

I took my nissan in for them to install a starter, two days later started having problems with the starter again. Itook it back and they said I needed a new Flywheel for a price of $685.oo. I then took my car to a transmission shop and let them check it. They told me they put the wrong starter on my car at Pepboys, the transmission shop put a new starter in and it works fine. Pepboys said there was no compensation due since they didn't do the work. the shop charged me $90.00 to do the starter. I also paid Pepboys $168.00 to do the first starter. I feel I was right in going to someone else to fix the problem since I didn' have the $685.00 to have them do it. If I didn't do it they would have stole my money. I will gladley pay for the starter, but I think I should get the labor back on both . Unsatisfied customer, John Beasley

  • Jb
    jbfirebird Jun 19, 2011

    best place to go is always going to be the local garages. they live off of their customers. large chains, whether its pep boys or anyone else, do the work and get it out on a constant rate. people that cant get jobs at smaller garages or their own garage will go to work for larger chains.

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fraud and scam

Before I took my SUV to the Santa Clarita Pep Boys I called for a front brake job estimate. $185. When I showed up, they immediately scour my SUV for the up-sell by measuring the tread of the tires. Coincidentally, they have a 'buy three get one free' promotion. Just the brakes, thank you, just the brakes.

A few hours later I get a call from Martin Andrade, the manager. He tells me they didn't realize my SUV was four wheel drive and the new price will be nearly double. Now, my SUV has a 2' lift kit with giant off road tires and six PIAA lights on the front. Didn't know it was four wheel drive? I'm thinking, do I really want these people working on my car? I tell Martin to forget it. The price is too much and besides, I told the person on the telephone and the guy who checked me in it was four wheel drive. I'll swing over and pick the car up. No problem, he tells me.

When I show up, everything is completely torn apart. They had to completely take the brakes apart before they discovered it was four wheel drive? After a long heated argument Martin offered to do the brake job for the original estimated price.I made them put the car back together and took it to a local mechanic.

In hindsite, it's easy to spot their tactics. Low-ball the estimate on the telephone. If the upsell doesn't work when you bring the car in they try to find a reason to raise the estimate. If that doesn't work hold the car hostage by taking it apart.

  • Valerie Sep 29, 2008

    Pep boys can't align tires. They had them all screwed up and also destroyed my outer tie rod ends by over heating the adjustments. The so called master mechanic was in such a rush, which I don't understand why the place was dead. Which should have been my first clue that there service ***.And then when they placed the tires back on they stripped one of the lugs/bolt. I had to replace the out tie rod ends and I had to replace the lug/bolt and to do that I had to replace the rotors and brake pads. Thanks a lot pepboysss.

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  • Th
    thefaceist Jun 14, 2010

    Just letting you know I just got let go by Pep Boys.

    You are right about low balling over the phone, it's company policy. When ringing up an estimate over the phone there is actually a "phone quote" option on tires and other repairs.

    Even when I got an enormous discount for service I wouldn't let my own cars, my relatives or anyone I cared about (even my enemies) go to PepBoys for service.

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license to steal

Be very careful when parking your car in the Pep Boys, BJ's - Shoprite parking lot at Metro Plaza Jersey City. If you leave the Parking lot to go to the Mall your car is towed at a cost of $162.00 including taxi. It is taken miles away where you are them strong armed by a scavanger EZ Towing Co.

It so happens I left the Mall but my son and daughter remained in BJ's. Signs are posted but they are ambiguous. EZ Towing photographs you as you leave them steals your car.It is ashamed Pep Boys, Bj"s -Shoprite knowing of this policy doesn't warn its customers.

The EZ Towing Co forced me to pay cash and the low life's that they are mistreated me. Help me to put a stop to this practice. The Landlord is G & S Investors in NYC- call them.

  • Ar
    aree Mar 05, 2009

    I had the same thing happened when I Shopped at Target.
    I will never shop at Target again! They work together even though Target denies it!!! No more shopping at Jersey City Target for me.

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  • Ma
    ManiAmerica Jul 06, 2009

    EZ towing towed away my car from White Castle on Newark Ave and JFK blvd while I was eating at the fast food chain. They made me pay $ 140 and made me pay cash. The EZ towing truck with number 201-963-8260 (license Plate XR-800G) even damaged my bumper. When I called the cops they refused to cite the damage and actually forced me to pay the towing company. The cops in Jersey City, store employees and EZ towing company are in together on this. They will not give you receipt unless you ask them many many times and may only fax it to you.
    Same thing with Danny's Towing on 8th Street. My brother's car also got towed from outside BJ's on independence day weekend. They charge $30 per day.

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  • L1
    l1v3l1f3 May 18, 2017

    @ManiAmerica They made us pay $200 as my husband was desperate to retrieve the car. I was heavily pregnant! No receipt given and demanded cash very rudely even when he could clearly see me. It was really a hot summer day and my husband had to leave me standing by the road side on a corner side street and then go with him to cash point to get cash to pay him and retrieve our car from his towing vehicle. After getting cash that idiot dropped our car facing opposite direction on a one way road!!

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  • Jo
    joey0923 Dec 11, 2010

    why would you park somewhere and then go some place else. you deserve to be towed. where is your common sense? you park wherever you shop. its that easy. my god.

    -1 Votes
  • Jo
    johnny2995 Mar 16, 2016

    Same happen to me at White Castle
    EZ Towing pulled behind my car 3 minutes after I left the restaurant. They miscalculated; I walked away from the car but I didn't leave
    the parking lot. I have receipts, pictures, and videos. I will take them to court.
    I already reported them to Dept of Consumer Affairs, and will file with Police.
    Tow truck driver told me "his boss is a rich guy, I can't fight him". I wouldn't be surprised if some cops are on his
    payroll, but this is still America, and there is a rule of law.
    PS We shall see how the judge rules, will keep you posted

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don't buy from them

4 days after having PepBoys install a remote starter for my wifes car, the car started to try and start itself, the back truck kept on opening by itself and the dash board started to act as if possessed. Pep Boys came to pick up the car and after looking over everything, they said that they have to replace the started as it was fried. They also replaced the auto starting kit they installed. I was being charged for the starter? They said we somehow must have played with the fob on and off buttons and rocked the started on and off. ###, my wife was livid at the accustation that she would be such a ###. I should have told them to pull the whole kit out and refund me the cost of the whole job including he burnt up starter. My wife wanted her car back and I'm holding my breath that the same thing does not happen again. Good Ridance Pep Boys.

overcharging and passing cost mistakes to customers

my car[2001 PTC LE] is currently being serviced at pepboys because I had really bad service at a car...

badtreatment of employees

I am an emplyee of pep boys for over 8 years. During the course of these years. I have been denied promtion...

taking advantage of customers

About two months ago my Daughter took her car to get check out, she had a hispanic male help her out (Jose...

customer service

Raymi Santos Warwick RI 02888 [protected]@gmail.com November 25, 2008 To:Jack Ajoyan Service Manager...


I have gone to Pep Boys many many times over the years and in several different parts of the country. In...

battery warrwnty

Back in 2007, I purchase a Optima Batteries, Model #9083561, Part# 75135, for 2001 BMW (330ci). The battery...

poor quality parts

After buying a new water pump and a new radiator from them, then having to replace the water pump twice and...

overcharging for services

I went to pep boys to have my car serviced. I was told that it would cost one amount and I told them to fix...

make feel like a theft

Went in to pep boys after call for a price on a battery. Price was 64.99 with a 10.00 installation fee on the phone. Finish price was 129.07. They charge 49.00 to install the battery plus a shop fee. What a joke. When I went to pay they refused my check. The check is good which legal tender. But the manage told me they were not accepting the check but were not taking it. What a joke. Give me a card with the name certegy. They refuse the check so I call they. They told me it was a computer flag so them declined it. But the customer service person told me the check was good. Great after I charge it from the same account. They make feel like a theft.

  • Lp
    lpick Apr 26, 2009

    Yes Pep Boys refused to accept my payment by check as well 2 times I was turned down by there computer system they only accept cash payment as far as I can see they also made my wife feel very embarrassed they told her in front of other customers that our checks had numbers that were too low and thats why they would not accept payment our checks run in the 500 range but the account is a new bank we had switched to as our old bank had high service fees therefore the numbers started over again I've been without a car now for about a week i've had the money in the bank even showed them the receit i think it is because my checking has a theft guard on it i told them that it would only let charges of 150 dollars per day in case card is stolen but I assured them the money for the repairs was in the bank well now i'm going all weekend without a vehicle if they find it so hard to accept payment they should provide customers a loner vehicle while they take so long to decide if they want to be payed, yeah i'll never go to that rip off store again ever, I dont care how many gd points they give me oh and by the way they charged me 900 dollars to change my timing belt what a rip off! L. Pick

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terrible service

I went to pepboys @ 5 pm 10/11/08 for an auto inspection which I was told would take approx. 1 hr. My car wa...

bad experience

A few years back, we took our Chevy Mini Van to Pep Boys in Boardman Ohio for some work and the technician drove it completely off the lift and through a diagnostic machine and then into the cement wall behind it. He ran from the scene, big surprise, not. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, we decided to take my 81 year old dad's Chevy Cavalier there this week to repair a broken brake line. We were also warned by our local AAA tow driver not to go there. They replaced the initial line but blew out a 2nd line during the repair. We approved the repair for the 2nd line. Upon vehicle pick up, my husband went with me to check the work before paying. We were charged for 2 new complete brake lines and installation but discovered the 2nd line was cut in the middle and a pressure fitting was installed, leaving the old line in place. And the car was leaking brake fluid all over their parking lot on top of it. He took a handful of the fluid inside with him and asked for the bill. It was in excess of 300.00. So my husband proceed to show the manager his hands full of the fluid and asked the car to be placed back up on the lift so he could look at their work. We priced the parts at an Advanced Auto Parts planning to do the work ourselves originally & they were less than 20.00 in total. After much arguing and many excuses the manager agreed to have the 2nd line installed the way it should have been and greatly discount the price. After having the car 3 days, we finally were able to pick up the car and paid $140.00 in the end. Too bad we cant send them an invoice for the inconvenience and over charges. They were obviously busted using pressure fittings and sending the car back to the customer with a faulty and an incorrectly installed braking system. I am grateful to have discovered the problem before sending the car home to my dad. Happily ever after? No. But happy to never return to Pep Boys again. (not even for the warranty) Lesson learned! Thanks 4 reading and as always... Buyer Beware!

terrible experience

4 years ago car broke down in Upland, Ca. Had it towed to Pep Boys there. Starter was bad and they installed lifetime warranty starter, took less than 1 hr. Yesterday starter went out again (4 yrs. later) had car brought down to Pep Boys in Redlands, Ca. They honored the warranty but I had to pay for labor. I told them it was 1 hr. or less labor and showed prior receipt. They said they needed 3 hr. to fix. I watched them and took less than 1 hr. They billed me 3 hr. @ $95.00 DISHONEST COMPANY (EMPLOYEES).

  • La
    LaKisha Tennon Jul 22, 2008

    I used to be a constant customer of Pep Boys that does not care about their customer service. I took my car into Pep Boys in January 2008 for them to repair my brakes which I was charged very close to $600.00 of repairs. Well it is July 2008 and I am having the same exact issue for Pep Boys to tell me that I have to pay an additional $130.00 for more brake work. When I went into the store to get my car back I was immediately attacked by an associate letting me know that nothing was going to be done in my favor which I had no business with this individual. It is strongly advised that we as the consumer save our money and go to an organization that is worthy of the service and going to complete the job correctly the first time. The bad thing about all this is that people are amazed that I paid $600.00 for just the back brake job.

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