The Brick Warehouseservice


They have sometimes good discounts, but certainly I will try to buy in anyplace else before choosing this one again. They have awful services.
I bought a bed in there and unfortunately, they sold us boxes (it is two, because it is a king bed) for put under the mattress so high that I couldn’t go to the bed without jump. In other store, Leon’s, I showed for a salesman my bed and he didn’t recommend for us any box, he said that what was best in my case is to buy a plywood for put under the mattress.
Unfortunately, the brick didn’t agree to pick up back these boxes in my home, that for me in the first place it shouldn’t have been sold for us, or certainly they really should have advertised us about the height issue (the boxes idea was from the salesman that told my husband that it would be great for us - the opposite of what it really was)

In the end, the best option that the salesman gave to us was change these boxes for another one half of the size (that I believe is cheaper than the other one, but instead to give us credit they kept for the same price). I received these new boxes today, and they aren’t solving my problem, I really wish that I hadn’t never bought these boxes.
But, how they didn’t agree to pick up back these boxes, I certainly would have spent more money if I had rented a car like a pick-up car to put all these boxes in, and then take back to the store.
It is necessary to say other thing, they sometimes can give you wrong information’s, because the salesman told me when I went to the store that I couldn’t bring back the boxes that they couldn’t accept these return at all, but when I showed him the information that has in the website (we can return products within in 3 days of delivery), he changed his speech.
Other thing, for alert you: the customer service after you buy is awful awful, a piece of wood of my bed was delivered small (wrong) and they told me to improvise instead to exchange and give me the correct piece. They told me to create a new hole in this piece and in my bed (by myself) for putting the screw that is left for solving this problem (do you believe in that? In the instructions for set up the bed don’t say that I need a drilling machine)

They told me they were going to call the next day that I went in the store with these questions, but they didn’t. I had to come back again and I only get this exchange that I said above. I keep waiting for somebody call me and solving my other problem (the wrong small piece of wood that was delivery it).

For all this, you can see that we didn’t receive a correct and good service, instead we received a dishonest and inappropriate service.

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