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My Fiancé and I purchased furniture for our new home last August of 2009, here in Regina Saskatchewan, from The Brick. In doing so we made the decision to use their "Brick Card" to finance our purchase. The sales representative at the time (August 23, 2009) explained the interest rate and the special program plan which at the time was “No interest No pay" for an 8 month period. We signed the documents he presented us with and picked up our furniture a few weeks later. Since then I have noticed on our monthly statements that are labelled “The" that they have thrown in a "payment protection plan" Charging us on average 40-50 dollars a month. I called the 1-800 number on my Bill to have the hidden charge discontinued and get my money back from previous months, they told me I have to take it up with The Brick at the location where we made our purchase. In speaking to the brick they explained to me that I should have read the fine print on the original card documents and that they would not be refunding my money. I feel misguided and tricked by The Brick and the financial institution they partner with. There was no faithful representation of the finance terms. Is there a law around this? Does The Brick have an obligation to disclose the payment protection plan verbally at the time of sign up? Is there anything or anyone that could help me?

Thank you for your time, Jennifer Simair


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    Nameless Consumer Jul 14, 2011

    Ask MasterCard they do it too so does every other credit card company ad they don't refund it either. Anytime in the future that you are signing up for any credit card make sure to ask if it's a secured card or not. That's what it's called by all card companies and it can be very useful but it's small print stuff so be careful anytime you sign something it usually says that you've agreed to the terms so you're stuck. Be careful with your credit it means more than your good name and word!

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