The Brickstove

I bought a stove in 2016.I paid the extended warranty for it. Now in 2019 I had a problem with my stove it's turning off by itself the oven is not working properly. We called the brick customer service and it was the worst customer service that I had. When I demand to speak to somebody hire they declined my request and hang up on my face they told my the supervisor will call me back but I never heard anything from them. They told my the technician we submit the report with 72 business hours and they will call me with an update anything. I really regret buying staff from this company. It's the most bull [censored] company and the most disrespectful company
Even though they don't want to exchange my stove they want to give me a credit for 682$ and I bought my stove for 1199$ without the taxes and the extended warranty. They are thieves. The only thing that I want is to exchange my stove and get a new one ... but I will share my situation in social media and let everybody know about yours worst and [censored] company

The Brick

Oct 05, 2019

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