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Talsma Furniture We bought a recliner and a sofa with chaise from Talsma Furniture, Inc

We bought a recliner and a sofa with chaise from Talsma Furniture, Inc. in November . The salesperson, Eve, told us it would take 5 months to get our order, which was cool. In April , they called us to say our order had arrived. We had to pay the balance before they could set a delivery date, which we did. The problem was they had our money before we found out the order was wrong. When the delivery drivers came, they brought the recliner, and it was what we ordered. But the sofa had an extra cushion and no chaise. We called the store, and the manager said it was ordered wrong and that she was turning it over to Eve. We tried calling Eve, but she never called us back. After a few weeks, we called the manager again, and she said the rest of our sofa would be shipped in August. The most frustrating thing is that no one at Talsma cared because they already got paid, but we still didn't have our correct sofa.

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Talsma Furniture I bought a table and chairs from Talsma Furniture, Inc

I bought a table and chairs from Talsma Furniture, Inc. on August 29. I wanted a custom stain and light distressing, but they sent me the wrong stain, distressing, and design. I told them right away that the table was not what I saw in the store and that the stain was too dark and too distressed. They said that the manufacturer doesn't make the table like they used to. I had problems with orders before, so I asked for a refund. The sales rep took pictures of the table and chairs, and they were in terrible condition. The table top was too dark, the legs were white with heavy distressing, and the joints were visible. The chairs were also too dark and heavily distressed. See the receipt and pictures attached.

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Talsma Furniture I went to Talsma Furniture in ***, **

I went to Talsma Furniture in ***, . Like most furniture stores, the salespeople were all over me as soon as I walked in. But Talsma was worse than the others. I had an important phone call, so I sat down on a sofa to finish it. But the saleswoman rudely interrupted me and shoved her card in my face. That was rude, but not the worst part. I did buy some furniture that day and set up delivery for the next week. But Talsma couldn't give me a delivery time. They said it would be all day, but the driver would call me 30 minutes before. That didn't happen. I got a text saying they'd be there in 10 minutes, but I wasn't home yet. Luckily, my electrician was there and took the delivery. But when I got home, I found they'd delivered the wrong nightstands. They weren't the ones I ordered. I called Talsma the next morning and talked to my saleswoman, ***. She said they could pick up the wrong nightstands when they delivered my other stuff. But then she asked when I could come back to look at sofas. She was more interested in selling me more stuff than fixing their mistake. She said I had to buy more stuff before they'd pick up the wrong nightstands. Later, she texted me and said I had to bring the nightstands back myself, ASAP, because they don't usually take returns. They delivered the wrong stuff and won't give me my money back. They want to give me store credit instead. I don't want to shop there again.

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Is Talsma Furniture Legit?

Talsma Furniture earns a trustworthiness rating of 91%

Highly recommended, but caution will not hurt.

Our conclusion: After a detailed review, ComplaintsBoard finds Talsma Furniture to be a trustworthy company. Although there's a 0% resolution rate for customer complaints, which deserves attention, Talsma Furniture is known for their high standards and safety. If you're thinking about dealing with Talsma Furniture, it's wise to check how they handle complaints.

We found clear and detailed contact information for Talsma Furniture. The company provides a physical address, phone number, and email, as well as 5 social media accounts. This demonstrates a commitment to customer service and transparency, which is a positive sign for building trust with customers.

A long registered date for can be seen as a positive aspect for Talsma Furniture as it indicates a commitment to maintaining the website and its domain name for a long period of time. It also suggests that the company is organized and has taken steps to secure its online presence.

The age of Talsma Furniture's domain suggests that they have had sufficient time to establish a reputation as a reliable source of information and services. This can provide reassurance to potential customers seeking quality products or services. has a valid SSL certificate, which indicates that the website is secure and trustworthy. Look for the padlock icon in the browser and the "https" prefix in the URL to confirm that the website is using SSL. has been deemed safe to visit, as it is protected by a cloud-based cybersecurity solution that uses the Domain Name System (DNS) to help protect networks from online threats.

A trust mark has been identified for a, but it is important to verify the trust mark and its source to ensure that it is legitimate. Ensure that the trust mark is genuine by clicking on it and verifying its authenticity through the issuing organization's website. appears to have online shopping features, it's important to know that the platform supports an extensive range of payment methods, making it convenient and easy to complete your transaction. The payment procedure on the website is also relatively simple and straightforward, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for buyers.

However ComplaintsBoard has detected that:

  • No reviews for on popular sites. Be cautious and do additional research. Look for information about the Talsma Furniture and be careful with personal information or transactions.
  • has relatively low traffic compared to other websites, it could be due to a niche focus, but could also indicate a potential lack of traffic and popularity. The may offer a niche product or service that is only of interest to a smaller audience.
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Talsma Furniture I been buying stuff from Talsma Furniture since 2000

I been buying stuff from Talsma Furniture since 2000. We moved 6 times and still bought more furniture from them. One time they brought a sectional to ***, . I was pretty happy, except for their delivery team who didn't seem too smart. We got $4k worth of office furniture delivered on a really wet day. The office was only 2 steps away from the front door. We had new carpet put in, so I asked the delivery guys to take off their dirty shoes. They didn't seem too happy about it. I gave them some booties, but they put them OVER their shoes and walked outside to get more stuff. I finally asked them to leave the items in the foyer, take off their shoes, and THEN move the furniture into the room where there were already dirt marks. Two pieces of the *** Office collection were damaged. We waited for replacements and went through the same thing with dirty shoes. Today, I'm complaining about the damage done when they delivered a small set of Amish Bedroom Furniture we ordered. It came right before COVID 2020 and was supposed to go in a lower level bedroom. We have a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs to keep our 12lb cats downstairs. I offered to remove the gate, but the guys said it wasn't necessary. After they left, I saw the gate on the floor with drywall and paint pieces everywhere. I sent a photo to *** Talsma and they said they'd reimburse us for repairs. The bed needed new parts and the repairman messed up the walls bad. They said they'd reimburse us again. We couldn't hire a contractor until COVID was over and schedules were full. I told *** about the delay and now she won't reimburse us.

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About Talsma Furniture

Screenshot Talsma Furniture
Talsma Furniture is a well-established furniture retailer that has been serving the West Michigan area for over 70 years. The company has built a reputation for offering high-quality furniture at affordable prices, and has become a go-to destination for homeowners looking to furnish their homes with stylish and functional pieces.

One of the things that sets Talsma Furniture apart from other furniture retailers is their commitment to customer satisfaction. The company's knowledgeable and friendly staff are always on hand to help customers find the perfect pieces for their homes, and they go above and beyond to ensure that every customer is completely satisfied with their purchase.

Talsma Furniture offers a wide range of furniture styles to suit every taste and budget. Whether you're looking for traditional, contemporary, or transitional pieces, you're sure to find something that fits your style at Talsma Furniture. The company's extensive selection includes everything from sofas and sectionals to dining sets, bedroom furniture, and home office pieces.

In addition to their impressive selection of furniture, Talsma Furniture also offers a range of home decor items, including rugs, lamps, and wall art. These accessories are the perfect finishing touch for any room, and can help tie together your overall design scheme.

Overall, Talsma Furniture is a top-notch furniture retailer that offers high-quality products, exceptional customer service, and unbeatable value. Whether you're furnishing a new home or simply looking to update your current decor, Talsma Furniture is the perfect place to start your search.

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Talsma Furniture reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Jun 10, 2023. The latest review We bought a recliner and a sofa with chaise from Talsma Furniture, Inc was posted on Jun 17, 2023. Talsma Furniture has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 4 reviews. Talsma Furniture has resolved 0 complaints.
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  2. Talsma Furniture phone numbers
    +1 (616) 669-1030
    +1 (616) 669-1030
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  3. Talsma Furniture address
    3620 Chicago Dr, Hudsonville, Michigan, 49426-1620, United States
  4. Talsma Furniture social media
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    May 13, 2024

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