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dishonest sale

I bought a sofa from The Brick in marche central (Montreal). It was liquidation and they told me it has just a scratch in the back.
Also I paid $69 for guarantee for 5 years and they told me if you have a problem with sofa we will fix it and if it is not fixable we will change the sofa. After bringing the sofa to home I realized that it has a problem. I called them and they told me that we already knew about its problems and it is not fixable, you should return the sofa back and we will give you a gift card so you choose another one.
This is ridiculous, why should they sell me guarantee and then tell me we can't fix it and we won't change it. THEY ARE LIER

crappy furniture

I am writing this afternoon to let you about how displeased and absolutely disgusted I am with furniture that was purchased back in late December/early January.

We purchased a sofa and chair combination for our family room. After looking at several options, we chose a microfibre set from the Brick. When the pieces were delivered, the delivery people did not set up the furniture and my husband and I had to do it. I called the store and they credited the delivery charge back to my VISA with no questions asked. We then noticed that the chair had a tiny rip in the arm. I called store once again and they advised me that they would have to send a technician out to look at it. The tech came about a week later, looked at the rip, took pictures and told us that he would order the parts and they would be about 4 to 6 weeks, depending if the piece was in stock or not. At the same time the technician was at my house I asked him to look at the sofa because the cushions were not puffing back up after they had been sat on. He said to keep and eye on it and if it got worse, we could have more stuffing added to the seats.

Over two months passed and I wasn't notified of the part for the chair, so I, once again, contact the store. They apologized and said that they would send a replacement. At the same time I also mentioned, once again, the cushions on the sofa not puffing back up. They said that a technician would come and have a look at it. A technician came about a week later and said that we would be able to have it stuffed. He said that it looked like the cushions had a defect. He said that someone would contact me with a time and date of when this would be done. Two weeks passed and I didn't hear a word from anyone so, once again, I contact the store. They said that a replacement sofa would be sent. A week later, we had the sofa replaced. That was in May. We now have a new sofa and chair at this point.

It is now September and two fo the three sofa cushions are flat. The middle cushion sits about 4 inches higher than the ones on either side (because it rarely gets sat on). The arms of the sofa have permanent divots in them where they are leaned on and the seat cushion and arms of the chair are in the same condition. It is so bad that we don't sit on the furniture much anymore because it is so uncomfortable. When we sit down, the seat sinks back down to the springs.

I have contacted the store and asked if we could have a credit for the furniture because of all of the troubles we have had. Naturally they told me they could do nothing for me. If you can't stand behind the furniture that you sell, then you shouldn't be in business. The customer service at the store is pathetic. I usually have to call in two or three times because the phone mysteriously gets hung up on me. I live in Georgetown and it is long distance for me to call Mississauga and it really adds up. I have had it with the whole thing.

Here is what will make me a satisfied customer. I would like to go to the store and pick out a sofa and either chair or loveseat for my family room. I would like you to pick up the junk that I have in my family room now and give me a credit for the same amount that I paid for it and it can be applied to whatever we purchase. I will consider other alternatives if we cannot resolve this issue with your company. You are not following through with your guarantee which is clearly stated on your invoice.

I would expect to have response and suggested resolution to my ongoing problems before Friday of this week. My next step is to go to the Mississauga store and speak with a manager face to face, until I get some resolution.

broken tv

I wrote twice to the Western Canada head office in Edmonton, Alberta and have never received any...

1 comment Victoria Furniture


Order my appliances with them back in May 15, told them exactly when I need it to be deliver..Aug 31. That is about 3mnths, should give them plenty of time and the sale person assure me that I will get everything delivery on that date. Mid June went to Guelph location order a 5 piece dinning room sets, once again delivery date Aug 31. 2wks before my delivery date I had a phone call from the Brick in Guelph location asking when will i be picking up my dinning sets, I told them that it suppose to be delivery on Aug 31 along with my appliances that I had order in Kitchener location. The lady on the phone then said " we can only hold your order for 7 days but if you have other orders from us then just ignore my call today and you will get your stuff on the delivery date. I then asked" will if you guys can only hold the order for 7 days will I still be getting everything on Aug 31?" she said" oh for sure you will". 5 days before the order date I went to Kitchener location to paid off my balance, then did I found out that the refrigerator that I order back in May had been discontinu since June 5 but nobody ever call me to inform me that, so they offer me another one a little bit smaller but same price, the only problem with that was I won't be getting it on Aug 31 it will be the following week...first I wasn't too happy but then I figure just couple more days wont be too bad, so I agreed to wait till the following week to get my refrigerator. Went to the Customer Service desk to paid off my balance then did I found out that my 5 piece dinning room sets is back order...Long story refrigertar kept got delay so I had to cancel it and my dinning room sets kept being back order then when it's finally came the 1st week I just got 1 chair, then the following week I received 2 more chairs then finally end of that week I received my 1 last chair and a dinning room table.
I will never ever buy anything from them...even if they have the best deal comparing other places, it is just not worth the stress and thru out the whole situation noone every apologize.

not standing by your warranty

Hi, my name is Cari Richer & 4 1/2 years ago I bought quite a bit of furniture from the Brick in Sudbury. At the time I also bought the 5 year insurance in case I had problems.

Approximately 1 year ago one piece of a three piece leather living room set started losing the colour on the cushions. I called the Brick & they had someone come & inspect it & ultimately replaced it. We had not been using the other pieces too often before but now had started using the love seat more often & now this piece also was losing the colour. We called & again they sent someone to inspect it & told us they would get back to us. We had been waiting for quite a while & we finally called back & they have now told us that we had to take another kind of love seat as they don't make this set any longer. We disagrreed with this as we bought 3 pieces that match and now they want us to break the set. I had a conversation with the manager who then allowed us to change the living room set to another one with the same value. When we got a call stating they were bringing the new set over the driver told us that they were also picking up the tevevision set which came with the original furniture we bought.
We do not agree with this as it is not our fault that the quality of the leather which we had paid for was not durable and we should not be penalized because the company no longer makes those. ... and we had taken the insurance in case of any problems.

We would like to get the living room set replaced without having to argue and since the television was part a a deal which we had willingliy paid for we would like to keep this as it is still under warranty also.

You have always advertized being a reputable business...can you see what you can do?
Thank you, Cari Richer [protected]

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lies about delivery

The Brick in Canada is a big joke. This store lacks of seriousness, sold a dinning table and a mattress to me then lied about delivery. I was said the delivery was going to take place on a Tuesday and noone showed up, a call was given to me that same day at 8:30pm to say that they were not sure but they felt very possitive on approaching a delivery the day after or so. No appology for the misleading on the that same day and noone showed up the day after either. I called and the sales person asked for time to talk to administration office and still waiting. Also they want to hurry you on buying their furniture at try to force you to take whatever the deal they believe to have. Do not waste your time if you appreciate your time.

delivery fiasco

I've been dealing with the Brick (Scarborough Location) all week regarding a delivery gone wrong for my daughters bedroom furniture. First they tried to reschedule it from Wednesday until Thursday the morning of the delivery. I explained I had taken the day off work and was losing wages, so it needed to be delivered that day. I then received a call from the driver a few hours later to say they would be coming between 7:00 and 10:00 at night. I explained that the furniture is for my 4 year old daughter, and she goes to bed at 7:30 so having them deliver to her bedroom at 10:00 at night is not good. They said they would call me if they could come earlier. I called Customer Service to complain. They told me they were "too busy" to listen to my complaint and someone would call me back. No one did. I finally got a call at 9:00 at night to be told they would not be delivering the furniture that day. I called Customer Service and spoke to the manager. She said she would "investigate" and get back to me. She She finally called me at 4:30 the next day. She offered the delivery for Friday and $100 refund. I said I wanted $265 becuase that would cover my lost wages (for now having to take ANOTHER day off work) and the waived delivery fee. She refused so I ended up speaking to the GM of sales. He didn't even want to give me the $100 the Customer Service Supervisor gave me! He told me that the furniture would be delivered tomorrow BEFORE 5:00. I asked to speak to someone else regarding additional compensation and was given the name for the GM of the store. I have called him and he is not calling me back. I got a call from the driver today, and he let me know he will be coming between 5:00 and 8:00 tonight. I explained that I was told they would be there by 5:00 and was told this was incorrect information. I have been trying to call the GM of sales and the GM of the store about this as well, but I am being ignored. I had furniture delivered from Bad Boy the same day and had none of these issues. The Brick obviously needs to learn about the value of Customer Service

refused price adjustment

On June 5, 2010 I have purchased a whole set of major appliances including refrigerator, range, dishwasher and laundry pair from The Brick Newmarket (invoice # [protected]).

The salesperson and his manager were very nice and offered me a big discount if I take a 5 year extended warranty plan and if I apply for the Brick credit card. I did so and got 960$ discount.

Later on, according to the "Price Garantee" paragraph in the current agreement I called Customer Service in Brick Newmarket and asked for the price adjustment because the prices of ALL the appliances I have ordered went down.

The ajustment has been done, but on the day of delivery (July 14, 2010) I got a call from Client Service manager Diane Ladas, and she notified me that all my price ajustments have been cancelled because I have already had a big discount.

I tried to convince Diane that the discount has been given to me for the big order, extended warranty plan and applying for the Brick credit card,

but she did not agree to make the price adjustment (which is in the Brick's "Price Garantee" agreement).

I went to another Brick branch and got an acceptable price for exact the same models that I ordered in Newmarket.

I asked Diane to cancel my order for the refrigerator, stove and dishwasher, but she refused...

Please, help me with this situation.

I want to cancel my order for the refrigerator, stove and dishwasherthe in Newmarket and purchase them in Markham branch (or to get the price adjustment).

I sent several e-mails and faxes regarding this situation to the Brick Head Office, but got no responce...

sold my fridge that was on order

We bought a fridge from the Brick one month ago. They told us it would be delivered June 30 - today. Get home from work and there is a message from the Brick asking when they can deliver fridge. Called them after 8:00 p.m. and was told that they SOLD our fridge - which we PAID FOR because someone else wanted it. What horrid business practice THAT IS!!! Of course no managers on duty to complain to.

  • Sm
    smurfettze Oct 29, 2011

    I have a friend who recently ordered and paid cash for an item that was to be delivered on a set date, and then they called her and told her they sold it! How did you handle your situation? How did they rectify the problem?

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lies and overall bad business

From the first moment in the store the salesman lied and said anything to please me. I found that out 6 deliveries later still without recieving the appropriate product, that most of which he "promised" me, he would NEVER have had the ability to produce. The goods after 6 deliveries(I repeat) have arrived damaged, the wrong items, telling me I ordered things I didn't and still to this day have recieved any of the "main" items I orderd...such as a sofa, kitchen table, chairs, bed, or bar stools...after 6 deliveries. When the wrong dining set was delievered the salesman told me "he was afraid I wouldnt have anything to sit on" so he sent me 4 of the wrong chairs that I had to assemble for The Brick to come take them and bring me 4 more to assemble.

In the end the Head Regional Manager's idea of compensation is "treat me exceptionally NEXT time I shop at The Brick"...pathetic!!!

From: Angry girl

  • Br
    Bricks Sucks Oct 11, 2010

    Almost same happen with me did not receive my sofa set. They are just giving me dates after dates.

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the interest rate is atrocious and oh by the way they dont even talk about the interest rates when you apply for the card

The interest rate is atrocious and oh by the way they dont even talk about the interest rates when you apply for the card. it is a big surprise on your first bill. I hope they don;t expect us to read the small print. Besides 29% should in large print and in bold so the consumer can see it. Had i known the interest rate was 29% I would not have bought my 5o TV from them. Talk about gouging the consumer!

customer service - waiting 3 months for 1 sofa!

The brick is the worst place to shop!!!

I've been waiting 3 months for the delivery of 1 - one seat sofa and I payed 60.00 for delivery charges!! The worst part is that the managers wont even return my calls, the customer service representatives are very rude and insensitive!!

They keep telling me its arriving on saturday and when I call on saturday they say no its the following saturday!! After much fraustration, I told them to deliver it on a weekday and if they call me 1 hour before, I would be willing to take time off work - they agreed and then in practice did the opposite!!

I am tired of this and at this point, I just want my money back, but the store manager wont even return my call!!!

This is the first and last time I am shopping at the brick!!!

  • Hd
    hdonov1 May 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We needed a dishwasher as ours ran it's course. The house was up for sale and we went to the Brick to purchase a new one. There were no floor models available. We explained our urgency to replace and didn't have time to wait. As we turned to walk away, the rep yelled after us, "Go ahead, Give your money to the American's." causing other customers to look in our direction.
    We've never stepped foot in a Brick store since.

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unacceptable business practices

We purchased living room furniture from the brick on Sept.26 and paid by mastercard which will be due in early November. The Brick told us delivery date on Oct. 12. Now we have been informed that delivery will be on Oct. 28. Totally unacceptable to us. Is it advisable to give them until the 28th but not after the mastercard bill is due ? Any suggestions ?

poor service

Over Easter our fridge went and we bought one online. Well the day it was supposed to be delivered, no call...

mattress sagging

I bougth this July /08 they replace the mattress Nov /08 due to sagging. A year later doing the same thing. Now I have this mattress that is sagging about 1 3/8" again. The tech came to look at it and took pics. goes back to the store they tell me there is nothing wrong with the mattress. I want action on this, this not acceptable. Please clear this matter up asap. I will be going on vac. for two weeks, on Feb. 27 /10 returning Mar.13 /10

  • Fr
    Frank Dueck Feb 22, 2010

    I bougth this July /08 they replace the mattress Nov /08 due to sagging. A year later doing the same thing. Now I have this mattress that is sagging about 1 3/8" again. The tech came to look at it and took pics. goes back to the store they tell me there is nothing wrong with the mattress. I want action on this, this not acceptable. Please clear this matter up asap. I will be going on vac. for two weeks, on Feb. 27 /10 returning Mar.13 /10

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the brick card

My Fiancé and I purchased furniture for our new home last August of 2009, here in Regina Saskatchewan...

no return or exchange policy

The Brick Canada cancelled return or exchange policy
if you buy any thing from the brick, you can not return or exchange what you buy even if deffective
the salespersones will not know you after they sell you the product
the salespersones only know how to make the commision from you
the brick managers in all branches are tough and will not cooperate with if you have problem
dont buy from the brick

  • Da
    davek22 Jan 30, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree got ripped off on a free 50" plasma tv was cracked when it came out of the box. 16 months later still nothing . shop elsewhere ppl

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nightmare service

I should have predicted that my dealings with this store would be a nightmare the first time I walked in the store. I had a list of everything I wanted, which I had put together using the store's website. I stood in the mattress section of the store politely and waited for 15 minutes as salespeople walked by me and ignored me. I then went to the Customer Service desk and asked if I could purchase the mattress, etc, directly at the desk. The woman told me I had to talk to someone in the mattress section of the store. I told her no one was there. She said, "There's nothing I can do; you have to find a salesperson in that area of the store." Eventually I approached someone in the living room section and asked if he could please sell me a mattress, box spring, bedframe, and area rug. And so...the nightmare began.

PROBLEM ONE: I was told I could call the store at any time to change the planned date of delivery if it didn't suit me. I tried that, but The Brick makes it a habit not to answer the phone. By the time I got someone to pick up the phone (four days after my first attempt), it was too late to reschedule. I was treated incredibly rudely by the Customer Service associate on the phone.

PROBLEM TWO: Only half my order arrived on the delivery date. When I went back to the store, I waited a full 10 minutes at the Customer Service desk while two women worked at their computers and full-out ignored me. Eventually one of them checked my order and said snarkily, "Well, that's because the other half of your order is backordered" - like I was some kind of idiot. No one had told me there was a backorder, and it wasn't written on the bill of sale - so how was I supposed to know? Incidentally, while at the desk, I commiserated with a woman who had been waiting for her furniture for FIVE MONTHS.

PROBLEM THREE: At this point, I wrote a letter to the manager. To this day, I have not received a response.

PROBLEM FOUR: The store attempted a delivery with no "24-hour warning call" - so, I wasn't home, and my box spring/area rug went back to Toronto. (Oh yes - be warned that The Brick's warehouse is in Toronto - because having a storage area in Ottawa would be just silly, right?)

PROBLEM FIVE: The box spring finally arrived. I asked the delivery men if they would please set up the bed frame, as the prior delivery men had left it in the box and I'd been sleeping on the floor for three weeks. They said, "No problem". Then they placed the box spring in the room, had me sign some paperwork, and walked out of my house. I said, "Uh, are you going to set up that bed frame, like I asked?" (the salesman at the store had assured me TWICE that all deliveries included free assembly). The one delivery man grumbled, "I didn't even deliver the box spring, so it's not my problem" as he headed back up the stairs.

I haven't laid on the bed yet, but I fully expect to crash to the floor when I do!

Ottawa has so many furniture stores to choose from; avoid this one like the plague.

Just a final note of comparison: I went to Ashley Home Furniture for a living room set and it took 2 weeks between purchase and delivery. I was treated with professionalism throughout my dealings. My ordeal with The Brick took over 4 weeks and I've never been treated so rudely by service personnel.

scam warranty/unprofessional service

Joey Leather furniture complete crap(not leather at all) and the blanket warranty a total scam: I purchased...

extended warranty/rude employee

Hi there: I had bought a table and 6 chairs from your store in Sudbury, Ontario about 3 years ago. I had...

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