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A Aug 07, 2018

My spouse and I shopped on your website and found the perfect sofa/chair for us. We were very excited to have a new sofa and chair. We had just purchased a new dining room set from The Brick (online as well). It was such a great experience, we decided to use your website to purchase the living-room furniture. The sofa/chair was set to be delivered on August 4th. (I have the email). I had the old furniture removed by 4:00 pm on August 3rd. It was then 6:30 on August 3rd, and I had not yet had a call from The Brick I called them. Nope, no delivery she says. She looks up my order and August 8th is the date. I nearly lost my mind!!! It's the long weekend...and I have a houseful of people coming...and nothing for them to sit on. The new sofa was doing double-duty by being a bed for a guest. Ugh. Horrific furniture, so embarrassing. I can guarantee you that nobody who visited me this weekend will ever do business with The Brick. I sent an email to the Belleville store, and was met with good Customer Service from Ivy, the manager. She was fine...offered to comp the delivery charge and a small token item for the inconvenience. Are you kidding? That's the best she could do other than apologize endlessly and empathize. Fine...although in reality...I challenge you to sit in your home for 5 days on the floor or on a patio chair...try to watch a movie or entertain or pretty much anything. So Ivy managed to get my delivery set for the 7th of August. I get the delivery call...and a second one (??) weird, but ok. Delivery was great...except the sofa is defective...the delivery man said that it was defective and should be returned and reordered, etc. They said that they would take care of reporting it to the store. With my recent dealings, I am now having trust issues with the Brick. So, I call myself. Leslie who answers the phone doesn't know what to do. She says she'll figure it out and she'll get back to me in a wee while. I waited 2 hours. Nothing. I called the Belleville store Angela. She was an absolute idiot. I asked for the manager on duty...she tells me she's too busy to speak with me. I nearly lost my mind. She says...hey, if she said she will call - she will. I hung up. I'm really annoyed now.
Barbara, Service Manager calls me at 4:30 pm. She says she wants to have someone come repair it. I said no, that's unacceptable. I don't want it 'repaired' - I want it to be correct from the start. Fine, she says I can't have your sofa to you until next a full 7 days from now. Unacceptable. She got a little snarky with which point I asked her to 'walk back her attitude' because I am the customer, and if she was at the end of the phone with the experience I'd had...she would not be such a poor customer service representative. I now have a delivery scheduled for next Saturday...the 18th of August...on which date there is a family wedding. I said it would have to be here and gone by 12:00 pm, otherwise - after 2:00 pm, nobody will be home. She said she cannot guarantee that. I believe there are ways in which to arrange these things.
I am pretty upset. As things stand have lost 10 x 16 customers since 10 people were here this weekend and are fully aware of the situation...they will tell at least 16 of there friends and 160 customers. I believe it will be in your best interests to make some sort of compensatory offer for this ridiculous situation.
Thank you for having this site so that I can tell you.

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