The Brickdalton oak counter height dining table

M Sep 08, 2018

The table will not extend wide enough to accept the leaf. This was reported to the Brick 3.5 weeks ago I am still waiting for a new table. The tech was here the table is definitely defective, as I'd mentioned to the Store Manager - who I must say was less than pleasant to deal with.. I am once again expecting company and can only have available seating for 4 as opposed to 8. Dale (store manager at South Common) is well aware of my situation and when I called to arrange for delivery it was set for the day after my company and myself are heading to Calgary. I will have a total of (5) days without seating, Dale did say that when it was determined the table to be defective he would get one to me asap, possibly before the weekend was over as long as there was one in stock - he checked inventory and there was plenty. I was thinking he meant Sunday, again he is fully aware of this issue and the fact I've been waiting for 3+ weeks for a reply, taking the response delay by the Brick into consideration there is really no reason we should not have our new table. Dale also informed me that they would disassemble the defective table that was here but would not assemble the table to be delivered - in my opinion totally unfair I've already assembled one table. When I reminded Dale of our previous conversation he insinuated I was a liar and that I was being completely unfair. Being called a liar was extremely upsetting - extremely! I wished Dale good luck as the manager and suggested he should take a course or two in Customer Service as it was certainly something he was lacking in. This is my 5th issue with furniture purchased from the Brick, all previous issues were dealt with quickly and certainly with respect and understanding. Due to the interaction with Dale and another employee (Emily) The Brick will no longer be an option for my family when considering furniture electronic or appliance purchases. It's unfortunate the $6000 our family spent has gained no place as far as customer service is concerned. I also intend to contact Desjardins Credit to explain this as I will be paying off their card and closing the account with them since it is for a Brick card. Too be dealt with in a rude and disrespectful manner by anyone, let alone a Store Manager who happens to be a Man, especially in this day and age is completely uncalled for and I will find a way to deal with that as well. Customer Service and Respect for the Customer should always be #1 - that's truly how a business is built and how it survives. Being dealt with in the manner with which I was deserves further conversation and I will reach out to my lawyer to see what steps to take. Unfortunate indeed!

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