The Brickcustomer service management not helping me

T Aug 20, 2018 Review updated:

this is my second or third time complaining no one has contacted me or helped me and I am still charged with 3800.00 of interest the purchases are paid off the bedroom set bubbled and the coffee table is peeling its not real wood its pressed wood with a lining of sticky paper pretending its wood 4000.00 dollars worth of furniture and still no one is accountable for the overcharge the brick is still blaming td financial and they are blaming the brick obviously its the bricks mistake seven trips to the Woodbridge location 10 phone calls to te financial dept at the brick no one talked to them just standing looking at me be desperate for help I work for two major retail companies from the states at customer service desk at Costco and Walmart the managers were and are amazing how they respond to customers my manager gives them 100 percent and more I was very humiliated and hurt how they just stood there and said we don't know you take my money 4000.00 dollars and you don't know why I am overcharged asked for a full refund no was the answered showed the pictures how the furniture is bubbling and peeling send then charged an extra 38000.00 I am desperate customer who needs help no one cares [protected]

customer service management not helping me
customer service management not helping me
customer service management not helping me


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