The Brickbremen bookcase and delivery issues

R Aug 04, 2018 Review updated:

We purchased a chest of drawers and a Bremen bookcase from salesperson Navah at the Granville Brick in Vancouver. We also paid for the delivery service.

Today the delivery men brought the items. They did not offer to take off their shoes. They left the box holding the parts for the bookcase on the floor so I did not notice until this evening when we moved the box and started to assemble it that they left 4 large marks on my carpet, either from their dirty shoes or from dragging the chest across the carpet. These marks were not there prior to the delivery men's arrival.

Nor was the black mark they left on my wall.

To make matters worse, the bookcase is of extremely poor quality. The first shelf split when I screwed in a single screw. We could not believe the poor quality of the wood. We will be returning this awful product.

I called the Brick numerous times this evening, as your voicemail and your website both said that you are open until 9 pm on Fridays. Yet no one answered. As we want this dealt with immediately, I attended at your store at 8:40 pm to find that the store was closed and your sign says you close at 8 pm, despite the fact that your website and phone number say you are open until 9 pm.

This is my first experience with the Brick. Is this the way the Brick normally runs its business?


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      Aug 14, 2018

    The same thing just happened to me, they even tried to force their way into my property after I told them to take their shoes off .

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