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I called Target to have them remove some interest charges so I could pay the card balance in full. I am requesting this so that I can pay other credit card debts in order to eliminate debt. I need to minimize my bills coming in due to a cancer diagnosis my wife just received. She is unable to work currently and we would default in payment if we do not pay out the outstanding balance. If Target could eliminate some of the interest charges, we could then pay in full and use the money to pay off a couple of other cards for the same purposes. Instead Target has chosen to take the high road and tell me I should pay my bills and I could get late charges if I do not. Wow-- where is the humanity-- corporate greed -- so sad :( -- no words!!! just a pit in my stomach, we have shopped and our account is in good standing-- what kind of world are we living in. I am so disappointed, we can document the illness if they needed, but instead I received a letter to pay my bills. Again my account is currently up to date and they could just remove some interest charges, but no!!!

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    SubSquirrel you are an as_ . This is not a sob story-- I feel bad for you and Target--


  • SubSquirrel Jul 15, 2019

    I’m sorry about your wife. But you signed a contract to pay interest if your balance wasn’t paid in full. Years ago I had a balance and called about paying it in full and would they remove the interest charges. They did that and I paid it off. I didn’t give a sob story and was polite and friendly.

    Reductions can be made but it depends on how you ask for it.

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  • Um is not an answer! Jul 17, 2019

    @SubSquirrel Holy Christ what the hell did you say wrong?

    Nothing was amiss here! OP: the screw you have loose is a big one!

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  • SubSquirrel Jul 17, 2019

    Your opinion of me that’s based on one post won’t cause trauma in my life.

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  • Um is not an answer! Jul 17, 2019

    Wow! If you spoke to them the way you called subsquirrel an a$$ (for no reason) no wonder they were rude to you and told you know. Why not just berate the cancer out of your wife???

    Sob stories are not "woe is me" anymore. Everyone has a sob story. Everyone. Have you seen Undercover Boss?? You can't BE on that show without a sob story! And the people who are showcased on the show are unaware that anything is up or that they are in for something awesome later on!

    Your sob story: it's not about you whining a song and dance, It's about what happened to make you unable to pay for your purchases.

    Target is not one of those cards where you are very likely to spend a whole lot in anything. (Not like buying a refrigerator from home Depot).

    THIS (overspending, under earning) is what made people get in dire straits in 1929, FYI.

    PS: I have had cancer as well as my colleagues and we all continued to work. TEACHING!

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  • Um is not an answer! Jul 17, 2019

    You are whining about a credit card company telling you to pay your bills??? You SHOULD pay your bills without any verbal reminder/demand!

    You FVKING bum!

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  • SubSquirrel Jul 17, 2019

    Hm, his rude post disappeared. I didn’t think I’d said anything wrong or rude and was polite. I think they wanted sympathy instead of comments. Oh well,

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