Taco Bellthe staff

K Mar 29, 2018

This is the second morning I've went to Taco Bell in Morro Bay ca. The first morning meaning yesterday, I order food an got home 29 min away and seen it was wrong. I took it back of course using at least 15 dollars in gas for what Taco Bell did wrong. The lady at the counter argued with me for 7 min that she didn't make it wrong and I was wrong. I got really imbaresed cause there were people behind me and around me. I finally showed her the receipt. Proving I was right. She snickered an snaged the bag out my hand an said whatever we fix it. 40 min later I get my cold food. Ok. This morning the food was right but I couldn't hear her through the speaker whictch had a sign on it to pull forward because of maintaince everything and the same lady was hateful an rude and argued again with me that I was wrong. I'm sick of this [censor]. I won't be back. I'll go to McDonald's where I get treated like a person.

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