Taco Belltaco bell nacho fries. customer service.

O Jul 15, 2019

I have been visiting the uhrichsville taco bell quite a while and as usually I am very disappointed in product and customer service at this location. The nacho fries that I always purchase for my daughter are given to me dumped into a bag and after I sat there putting each fry back I realized this fry cup wasn't even filled half way. I flagged the worker down and showed her and she said to me that's how much you get. And that my cup had a little extra then what they usually give. I asked to see the manager and I was told she is to busy making orders. Your manager doesn't have time to tLk to a costumer because she is making orders? Doesn't seem right to me. So I asked can I please have a filled cup of fries and she didn't want to give it to me. I demanded to speak to the manager and when she came she said to me the fries are all at the bottom of the then I know your manager is the one throwing MY paid for food in the bag. And she as right cause I had to sit there and put each fry back. When i showed her i had no other fries at the bottom of the bag she ran in the back and threw me another half filled cup of fries and said that's how they come. Well taco bell if thats how you do business I guess I'll have to go spend my money on the [censored] ass burger king taco Instead. The other stuff I purchased. Bean burrito. Chicken griller. Beefy fritos burrito were all so cold I ended up spitting out my first bite and feeding the rest to the dogs. I had already had a bad experience with the manager I wasn't going to go back for my money at this point. I would like a response or I will continue to call into the complaint number. I will stop wasting my hard earned money at your locations as well.

taco bell nacho fries. customer service.

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