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breakfast items

I have gone to this taco bell many times to get breakfast. I have gone around 8:30a.m 10:00a.m and 10:30a.m. I have been told at all three times that they are out of Eggs for breakfast items, once or twice i understand, but this has happened to me 6 or 7 times just in the last couple of months. I'm sorry but this Taco Bell is right in front of a walmart full of eggs. How could this taco bell run out of eggs all the time? I would ask that whoever is ordering the food is ordering enough consistently. I want to give my business to taco bell but i have had to walk out 6 times for not having eggs. This happened 07/27/2019. Can someone at least stress the importance of being prepared. The other taco bell by providence utah hasn't ever run out of eggs.