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B Sep 10, 2018

Went to our local Taco Bell when we saw a commercial for the 3-cheese burritos, which were great. When offer ended we ordered beef & bean
Burritos. They were great as well. Second visit took beef & bean burritos home, opened & they had hardly anything in them- very disappointed! The pic in beginning of site I went to shows these really full burrito/ingredients coming out both ends of burritos. Contacted Taco Bell, explained situation but never received any answer, even said we'd think twice about returning. Figured we'd give them another chance ( we go thru drive-thru) told girl taking order about our dissatisfaction, told her "we ordered 3 beef & bean burritos a few days ago, they only had about 1/3 amt of contents in them & I'd like them to be filled". Girl didn't say a word. Next window paid, father said thank you, no response, went home. When opened bag, took one out & saw there were 4 burritos in bag, but nothing was said to my dad about this. Ate the burrito, it was mostly beans & rice not much beef, was like eating a plain bean burrito with not much taste which is why we go to Taco Bell & not Mighty Taco. Basic cheesy bean & rice burrito costs $1.00, then charge extra for ea add'l ingredient, meat costing $.60 ea. How much for nacho cheese, etc. I would like to
keep returning to Taco Bell, but this kind of customer service leaves much to be desired-I worked in customer service for 20yrs so I know how to deal with people. I appreciate your concern & look forward to your response. Thank you Bonnie Siska

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