Taco Bellmexican pizza

M Jul 25, 2019

I usually order the Mexican pizza combo, which I did last night. The pizza tasted sour, and my wife tasted it and agreed. I took it back and complained. I wanted someone to taste it and the manager said she couldn't because she did not eat meat. No one else would taste it.
They made me a new one and it also tasted bad. They kept asking what tasted sour? How would I know? After eating the two tacos, which had all the same ingredients except beans, my guess would be the beans. I did not go back to the counter, just threw it away. Maybe you should institute a procedure that requires the worker to make one up and taste it for themselves instead of continuing to serve bad product. Very disappointed. Next time the my wife and I are in the area and want fast food we will go to Burger King right next door, where she wanted to go in the first place. I am not looking for anything for me, just want improvement.

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