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I am extremely upset with the way you pull items from your menu constantly! I have always loved your Fresco Tacos because it is a healthy choice for a fast food restaurant. I have also always loved your spicy bean burritos. They are not low in calories, however, I love the spicy green sauce as it adds so much more flavor to the bean burritos. Quite some time ago I went to one of your stores only to find that you no longer offer EITHER of these options on your menu. No more Pico de Gallo and no more spicy green sauce. That was months ago and I have not ordered anything from there since. My family still likes some of the other options, so I will go to get them food, but I will not order anything and come home and make something for myself. I have never been a fast food fan, but Taco Bell was the one place I would still go to. Not anymore. Why would you remove the one healthy option you had with the fresco tacos? Workers have tried to add tomatoes to a taco (not even close) and have added some other sauce to the bean burrito, but to no avail. Please stop removing things that people have grown to love. My children have also toldme what to get them and I get in the line, order the food, only to find that another item has been discontinued! Now I have to make people wait behind me in line while I call/text my kids to find other options since you ONCE AGAIN have discontinued their favorite items! Please stop!


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