Taco Bellfood service

S Aug 07, 2018

I went to the taco Bell located atoka, Oklahoma. I haven't been there in a while but I LOVE going there. Normally my orders are on point and I never have any issues but Yesterday, me and my husband and children went and he ordered a nacho Bell grande with no beans, no sour cream and no tomatoes, 2 chipotle chk grillers, a 5 layer burrito, a cinnamon twist, a nacho fries supreme with no tomatoes or sour cream and 3 dlt supremes. We never got our cinnamon twists, the nacho Bell grande was made regular, he went to the counter to have them remake it and the worker made it with no meat, and there was sour cream on it so he asked to have it made AGAIN and the worker got upset and said it was already remade. I only got one of my dlt tacos, and my 5 layer burrito was a regular bean burrito so I asked for it to be corrected, they took the burrito back and never made me another one. The workers were pretty snobby and rude, I almost never wanted to go back again.

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