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I came through the drive through and my whole order was completely messed up. I had called to let them know and because I live in Richland and I got my food in Pasco I told them i would come the next day and they said that was fine and they would replace my entire order for me having to drive back out and since everything was completely messed up and missing. Before I came I let then know I was on my way and the lady I spoke to said that she was going to replace my entire order as well I confirmed it before I came. When I got there the lady I spoke to said the lady that i talked to her left and said she was only going to replace my bean burritos. I said that's not what we had talked about and said my entire order would be replaced. I told her it she could please call the lady I talked to to confirm what was said. She then said she would call her. Then all of a sudden the lady came out from the back that I had talked to on the phone and said she would only replace the burritos. I told her that's not what you said to me on the phone. She was extremely rude. She then started talking to her coworker in Spanish and her coworker was telling me in English then the manager would talk to me in English so they were talking about me in Spanish as if I couldn't understand them. She told me to go get the food from the garbage and bring it back if I wanted my order replaced. She said she could give me 3 cups of cheese since they were missing and I told her what am I supposed to do with cheese just eat it plane and she said yes. She then tried to keep my receipt after I told her I would be calling corporate and told me if I wanted my receipt than I wouldn't get my burritos replaced and said she threw it away I told her I needed it for so when I call corporate and the other go worker said we can't get it out the trash but then the manager went and grabbed it out the trash. I left after all 3 ladies were extremely rude to me and liked and when I called to get the managers name she told me it was confidential and couldn't give me her name and that she's the manager and if I try to complain it's a franchise and would just get back to her and nothing would happen. I have never been treated that rude before and will never again eat at taco Bell. I know I'm just one customer and it probably won't mean anything losing me but you should never treat someone like they treated anyone. I'm so upset I was crying. I've never been treated that bad before.

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    Only getting 1 star because it won't let me give none.


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      Aug 31, 2018

    so she "left" but magically appeared to deny you the order replacement as stated in call(s)
    than to mistreat you as if your some bad person disturbing her ( my term)
    you do have the location so can find the address and store number rather easy to report to the corporate office

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