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ive been a fan of taco bell for years ever since I can remember I go there because im always treated right no issues ever until sadly today my daughter and I went to one in Dothan on main street we waited for 30 mins minimum in the drive threw kinda busted the thought of fast food got to the window the woman was very short with us never offered any sauce at all I had to request it she shut the window on us no drinks so I pulled around went inside to watch the cashier over charge an older woman when the lady asked about what something was the cashier kept suggesting other things so I asked the cashier for the store number she said she had no clue than handed me a receipt and said they say look somewhere on the right it should be there somewhere ive been in the food industry for years I was a manager even no one wanted to be there I know fast food is hard at times and can be trying but this was over the top all the workers where grown people no young kids I feel like this if you can be civil stay out of the food and retail industry point blank I truly will not return to this restaurant ever again

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    My page has been hacked never did the second comment happen or was posted wow the people on these sites are unreal


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    Rᴏse Meyers Jul 09, 2019

    I would like to add one more thing. This happened in January. I was so angry at what happend at Taco Bell that I took my anger out on my daughter. I started hitting her and punching her.I told her that I hope one day a stranger kidnaps her and kills her. Someone overheard me saying this to my daughter. CPS was involved and she has been i a foster home ever since. Thanks to these people my daughter is in foster care and has low self esteem.

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