Taco Bellcustomer service/ amount of time food came out

J Aug 18, 2018 Review updated:

On Wednesday, August 15, 2018 approximately around 7:05-7:40 I went inside to order my food. The young associate that took my order was pleasant. They wrote my name on my receipt and walked it back to the kitchen therefore I never received my receipt. The two patrons that ordered after me received their food. I asked the person at the register if they had started my food. I had this point been waiting 15 mins. The clerk said they thought they had already made it so the cashier reprinted my receipt and handed it back to the kitchen. In the meantime the managers had a shift change. The manager that had been there the longest while I was there was name Yaddi (not sure of the spelling). After 10 more mins I received my food. At this point I just wanted my money back and wanted to leave. The kitchen was a mess. The next person after me was shorted a piece of chicken and was upset. I took my food and left. I didn't bother to get my money back but I sure wish I had.


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    9wood Aug 18, 2018

    many have moniters that have orders

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