Taco Bellbean burrito/customer service

L Aug 11, 2018

I went to taco Bell and got a bean burrito with no onion add chicken and sour cream. When I arrived home, it had lettuce and tomato on it. I didn't request that. The phone apparently was broken cause I called five times and no one answered. I just got done driving 40 miles to get home with my food and have it be wrong, I did not want to drive back up there after that drive, let alone how much gas I used. So when I called today I requested my food be made right and to get a refund for the gas wasted on their mistake. They've done it before. They won't now. Only get refund or get food made correctly. I want my money back and my food made to my order. This is disrespectful customer service and I am close to never going back to taco Bell! I can go to any other place and have my food made correctly but 5 out of ten times does taco Bell get my order right. It's not that complicated. A bean burrito doesn't even have tomato or lettuce unless it's a supreme. So I want this taken care of.

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