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Taco Bell reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Sep 22, 2006. The latest review mexican pizza was posted on Apr 10, 2021. The latest complaint sarcastic service was resolved on Sep 22, 2019. Taco Bell has an average consumer rating of 1 stars from 2094 reviews. Taco Bell has resolved 83 complaints.

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1 Glen Bell Way
Irvine, Pennsylvania
United States - 92618

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Taco Bellspeed

I have been sitting waiting for my food for 35min. There is absolutely 0 speed to their work. They Dilly dally and mess around. When I ask they just say "it's coming" which an attitude. I don't wait this long at Red Lobster where the food isn't sitting in a warmer. Location: 608 N Main St. Blacksburg, VA 24060. Order 257008. This isn't my first complaint about this place but they have hired a whole new staff. Nothing changed.

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    May 09, 2019

    Taco Bell — the staff is unstable

    When I arrived at this Taco Bell location, the dining room had just been mopped and there was no "wet floor"...

    Taco Bellorder not complete

    3595 south Durango ave. Las. Vegas nv
    Ordered large order from this location on 5/8/19 26 total items. Was told by young lady behind counter order was checked and complete. Should have known better but I trusted them to check order. Not only that but I went inside because the order was large and didn't want to inconvenience the drive up customers to make a long story short I got home checked the order and found all 6 crunchy tacos missing. I went back to the store and told the gentleman behind the counter the trouble and was told we will take care of this. I received my tacos without so much as a sorry or kiss my what or what ever. I've had minor trouble with this store in the past but I can guarantee that I will not have any trouble in the future. I can do without tacos from Taco Bell in the future

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      Taco Bellchicken tacos

      So, against my better judgement, I had my asst pick up tacos for my office at Taco Bell today, 5-8-19. I don't care for beef so always order chicken.
      These tacos were what I consider to be a chicken canned dog food, looks and smells the same as what I give my dogs. Actually their dog food looks more appetizing! This stuff in these tacos was a disgusting smear of soft,
      pasty brownish goo...Yuck! I am used to the nice chicken tacos at Del Taco...They are actually pieces of chicken in a mild, tasty light sauce. Someone needs to go and eat these awful things at your restaurants, experience what they really are. I hope your stomach turns like mine did when you are hungry enough to actually eat the whole thing. Never again for me! Back to Del Taco with bells on!!! Liz Thompson, Las Vegas NV

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        May 08, 2019

        Taco Bell — no gordita button or chalupa modification

        To Whom It May Concern: Today I went to my local Taco Bell and was told they removed the Gordita button and...

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        Taco Bellcustomer service

        At the beginning the customer service was good, but now they're extremely rude! They argue with customers & they NEVER get my order correct?They're all kids with attitudes They all need new training my goodness..The only reason I haven't stopped going is because it's the only Taco Bell in my City. If it's not them getting my order wrong it's the drive-through person giving me attitude. It's happened so many times and I let it slide but something has to be done now. This is crazy how they still have jobs? This has happened way too many times to not only me but my family .

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          May 06, 2019

          Taco Bell — service

          It takes anywhere from 30 - 45 mintues to get your food. It's ridiculous. It use to not be like this . My...

          Taco Bellmeximelt

          We stopped at a local Taco Bell and ordered the MEXI MELTS only to be told that you no longer make the Mexi Melt... Well we only visited Taco Bell to eat the Mexi Melts and Now you have lost a family of 5 because we will no longer being eating or visiting a Taco bell ever again... Very bad Sales people you have at Taco Bell... Dont really expect you to be open that long being that you take food away that people really enjoy.. I have read alot of comments online and this is not the only thing you have taken away... First fast food restaurant taken off of our list ...
          James Bamberger Long Island New York

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            Taco Bellyoung employee parking his car in handicapped parking

            Taco Bell 027812
            801 S. Belt Line Rd
            Irving TX 75060

            2:22 PM
            Cashier Carich H

            Black Nissan Altima with Dealer tags parked in Handicapped parking place-no handicapped sticker or tags owned by an young able bodied male employee who work there and was working there that day.

            Pointed it out to 2 employees including the young man (employee) that he could not park there -I had my 93 year old mother with me. He did not attempt to move it or comment. I told him shame on him-he was able bodied; complained to another female employee. He did not move the car or even make a comment. Shameful! Terrible! He should be fined.

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              Taco Bellfood made incorrectly and employees acting inappropriately

              i ordered two spicy potato tacos and a crunch wrap. crunch wrap was okay, they burned it and the potatoes i substituted for meat but i was able to get over that because i understand it's stressful working with food. i then moved on the the tacos to realize they put the wrong sauce on both of them. instead of the usual spicy sauce i believe it was some taco sauce but i really have no idea. not to be dramatic but it tasted so horrible i couldn't finish my food. yes i realize people are human but to top it all off all of the workers inside were swearing over and over saying stuff like sh*t and f*ck which wasn't really necessary. i hate to be annoying and complain but i was already having a rough night so getting the wrong food just made it a lil worse. the date this occurred was may 5th and it was at the ofallon missouri location on highway k. thanks for taking your time to read this, i really appreciate it

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                Taco Belltaco bell app. customer service.. all around bad bad bad

                So you seem to encourage your customers to use the app, so I did, it was unresponsive when applying the phone number it took several tries, works if you enter the phone number first and then add your name and email.

                I finally get the app loaded and and placed my order, indicating that I wanted it at 7:30 pm after work, it is 5/4/19 5:21 pm when I place the order. Within about 20 seconds I receive a text, Thank you for your Taco Bell order! Get it at the pick up counter and track it. Your Taco Bell order will be in ready in less than 10 minutes. Come to the pickup counter to get it!

                I call the store and say I don't want my order in 10 minutes I want it at 7:30 as I indicated on the app. I am told by the guy answering the phone who is speaking so fast you can barely understand him that my order is done and ready for pick-up. I say it has only been about 30 seconds, he says it has been two minutes it is on my screen. I here him in the back ground" don't make that order". I am not sure if my order will be ready at 7:30, but I do know my debit card has been charged $24.60. Worst mistake I have made in a while and I will tell the kiddos no more Taco Bell in our future.

                Oh then I receive another text at 5:28, 7 minutes after placing my order and 6 minutes after I called and said I can not be there until 7:30 that my order is ready and can be picked up at the counter.

                Resolution, app is unresponsive I found nowhere to check on the time I indicated or to change the time of pickup. I feel I am out $24.60 and not even sure if it worth me to try to get it at 7:30, what I will get? Order #908003. 702 S Meridian Puyallup WA 98371.

                michael cady

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                  May 03, 2019

                  Taco Bell — inaccute cashier

                  ON 5/3/2019 at 12:07:51am I purchased a 3 soft taco supreme meal=$7.57.I gave the cashier (ANNA) $20.00...

                  Taco Bellfood, and service

                  Was at the w. 86 store traders point Indpls. 05/02/2019
                  Did the online order. Went to pick up refused to give me my food at the window
                  When I went inside, food bag was sitting on counter. It wasn't my order, my mistake, I didn't look. Got home, nothing in the bag that I ordered, and food that was in it was ice cold. It all went in the trash. I tried calling back, but there is no number, just a fax number.
                  This ruined our dinner, I want my total refund of food! As you can see in photos it's terrible! Look at that taco, hardly anything inside, lettuce is awful! Nachos looked like someone shook them before they were put in the bag...but it's not my food I ordered and paid for. Online order, can't anyone read!
                  I expect a reply, this will be the second one!
                  Wiley Couch

                  food, and service
                  food, and service

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                    • Updated by Wiley8056 · May 04, 2019

                      Wiley Couch
                      8056 w. 88th. St.
                      Indpls. In. 46278
                      [email protected]

                      Hello hello, 4 th time I have complained on the same complaint. Don't you read these, don't you care how their running your stores?
                      7:30 pm Thur. Evening !!! Food was awful, threw it all in the trash. It wasn't even my order, nothing in the bag was mine, and it had been sitting forever. Look like they had shook the bag after putting it in. Online order...pick up at window right? It's raining...Worker would not bring to the drive up window, told me I had to come inside. There's the bag on the counter, my fault for not checking, Your fault for hiring people that is so incompetent!! Have you ever heard of a manager?
                      I expect a full refund and a call! I'm over spending my hard earned money at your fast food, and the food being total crap. Do something!

                    Taco Bellpublic service

                    There is way to much profanity, and lack of perfestionalisim at the Taco Bell in River Oaks. It took me 4 attempts to get a drink that I already ordered and all the employees could talk about is their personal lives and how one is a quote "hoe" They need to learn to respect the customers eating at their establishment. I know for a fact that because of this matter there have been people going in and out not wanting to endure this matter.

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                      Apr 29, 2019

                      Taco Bell — dining inside

                      I come to visit Taco Bell for lunch multiple times a week. We usually have to look around for a quiet place...

                      Taco Belldropping a favorite product

                      I want my Beef Enchirito back !... Found out this week ( 4/25/19) that it had been dropped from the menu AGAIN. Right! This is the second time in recent years it has vanished from your vast menu which includes a zillion repetitious versions of tacos and burritos - only to be brought back again. How many times is this going to happen before you guys wise up and leave the enchirito alone ?

                      PS: Another customer hearing my reaction to the bad news chimed in that the enchirito was a favorite of his too. The cashier seemed genuinely embarrassed like he had heard from a number of other disappointed enchirito lovers.

                      Bring back the enchirito once again - and for good! If you were smart you'd even feature the enchrito which separates TB from every other taco and burrito serving joint in the Universe.

                      Doug in Denver

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                        Taco Belltaco bell location - 1859 w county road 419 oviedo, fl 32765

                        To Whom It May Concern,

                        I am a frequent patron of the Taco Bell located at 1859 W County Road 419, Oviedo, FL 32766. I went to the store today April 26, 2019 around 6:30 P.M to bring food home for my family. I ordered 2 mexican pizzas and a Grande Meal with 5 hard and 5 soft tacos. I proceeded to the drive through window and paid for my order. The gentelman at the window provided me with my bag not even asking me if I needed anything extra. I asked if fire packets were included in the bag. He responded "yes, everything is in the bag", I looked and saw the sauce and proceeded home (approximatly 20 min away). When I arrived home, I noticed only the soft tacos were in the bag. I called the store and the gentleman, (Jason), advised I could come back to the store to get the tacos. I informed him that I lived approximatly 20 min away and it was in the middle of rush hour. He advised he would compensate me for my wasted time & gas used to return to the store by providing me with a free taco or two. I dorve the entire way back to the store and wated another 10 min to get back through the drive through line. When I reached the window the employee advised he would get the tacos. I informed him of what the gentalman, Jason, stated on the phone. The employee comes back to the window with the bag and stated "we put 6 tacos in the bag for you". I thanked him and I took the bag and left, not thinking I would need to check as they had forgot my order the first time through and this time the order had to be correct. When I returned home, I looked in the bag and what do you know there were only 5 tacos in the bag. I called the store and was extreemly upset with the employee, Jason, and asked to speak with the supervisor. The supervisor declined to provide his name. I requested an answer as to why the employee lied about the order. I was rudly interupted and told there was nothing he could do and I would have to call back in the morning. I do not want to call back in the morning, I just wanted what was promised to me over the phone.

                        I am extremely upset with the way your employees & Managers handled the situation. This is not the first time the employees have forgotten a large portion of my meal. This has also happened on 4 separate occasions and the fact that the employees lied directly to my face at the window makes me question what other things are done by the employees / managers that the customers are not able to see. Taco Bell may wish to re-evaluate their leadership at this location.

                        As stated above, I am extremely upset with the whole situation and will not be returning to the Taco Bell at this location due to the below poor customer service which was provided. The only thing I am requesting, is for Taco Bell to refund my money. I have attached a copy of the reciept for your records. If this store was on the television show Undercover Boss, every employee and manager that was working that shift would be fired.

                        Please feel free to contact me at the number listed below, should you wish to discuss further.

                        Kind Regards,

                        Ryan Makowski

                        taco bell location - 1859 w county road 419 oviedo, fl 32765

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                          • Updated by Rayn Makowski · Apr 26, 2019

                            I still have the Tacos because I believe the employees spit on my food. I also located the franchise owner and am sending a certified letter to him. I am a civil trial attorney and I have no reason to lie over 20 dollars.

                          • Updated by Rayn Makowski · Apr 26, 2019

                            I will not be responding to any more messages. I will be sending my letter to the franchise owner tomorrow via certified mail. I hope the employees and managers who were working that shift all get fired. I understand it must really be awful to work at Taco Bell, but you are in the customer service business and if you do not like your job then go learn a trade or go to college and get a better job. I hope you have a great rest of the night.

                          Taco Belltaco salad removed from menu

                          This happened in Midlothian Texas and Waxahachie Texas.
                          Please bring back the taco salad and the chicken taco rollups. The taco salad has been around for years and then one day it's just gone. I love to eat at Taco Bell but the menu has gotten slim. So many things that you bring out for a limited time and they should stay on the menu all the time.
                          Thank you

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                            • Updated by jmh! · Apr 26, 2019

                              The staff are wonderful though.

                            Taco Bellenchirito, meximelt

                            My husband & I went to taco bell to specifically get enchiritos. That is our favorite. We were told you no longer had them or meximelts. What's up with that? It doesn't make any sense beings you have the ingredients not to have the option of either one. I like the meximelt too. Also the bellbeefer that the other person mentioned too. It would a new thing now.

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                              Taco Bellld nac taco advertised on tv for only $1.00 and at taco bell charged $1.29.

                              My friend and I went to the Taco Bell in Fallon NV on 04/17/2019 and ordered the above LD Nac Taco and it is advertised for only $1.00 each, on the cravings menu .
                              and a couple of other things we also ordered Senior Drinks. We were charged $1.29 for each Ld Nac Taco. MY Order no.107, time 10:41;35AM, Cashier Sarah H

                              MY bill came to $3.85, with tax .
                              Taco bell # [protected] W. Williams Ave, Fallon NV 89406, [protected] .
                              Survey Code [protected] .

                              My friend asked the cashier about the amt. of the Ld Nac Taco and she said that she didn't know Why the difference in price on the menu and what Taco Bell was doing ?

                              Sandella R, Reed ( Sandy )

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