Taco Bellall food. taco & crispy chicken quasadilla


Pittsfield ma 01201. Took 23 mins to get food. Got to window waited another 7 mins til food came. Went to eat my taco it was ice cold, then went to eat new crispy chicken quasadilla & was burned on outside chicken was soooo dry & cheese was dark brown. Had to throw out cuz was so dry I couldn't even eat it. Everything I go there it's atleast a 25 min wait even of 1 person in front of me. Foods usually not warm. I've been inside & waited 13 mins for someone to take my order cuz there outside smoking & on phone. Then they don't come in & wash hands after smoking ciggs. I've also been in there with my bf when 4 employees were talking out very loud about someone being a "w[censor]" loud as can be with customers they didn't care nor tryn be at all quiet. It's a fast food restaurant. No matter if I go to drive thru or inside never got my food in less than 23 mins. Even with only 1 person in front of me. Always cold or under cooked. Shouldn't have to deal with that when ur on the rd if u wanna eat & go. As much as I luv taco bell. Pittsfield ma 01201 is by Farrrr the worse 1 ever. Which sux cuz only 1 close to me within 50 miles.

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