Steak 'n Shakefood and service is horrible

I was very happy and looking forward to our area finally getting a Steak n Shake. I have now eaten there twice and both times I have been very dissatisfied and disappointed. On both occasions the food was cold and it took an exceptionally long time to get my food and drinks. My most recent visit was today 10-6-19 at 3:30 pm. Upon entering the restaurant there were very few customers and alot of vacant tables. We were told it would be 10-15 minutes to get a table, and at the time there were no more than 10-12 people in the restaurant. While we were waiting two customers told us while sitting at their booth waiting on their food for over a hour. They stated that there were two tables of customers that came in after they did that had already received their food and they still had not received theirs. Upon delivery of their food and after they complained they got up and walked out abandoning their very late food. We observed at least 6-7 waitresses working and the table behind us had three parties come in a sit down, and due to the delay in even speaking tone waitress they got up and walked out. It took us almost an hour to get our cold food and over 30 minutes to even get our drinks and then almost that long to get a refill on our drinks. As I said out food was cold when we received it. My bowl of chili was barely warm and almost too cold to eat. My fries were cold, burnt, and simply broke when I tried to eat them with a fork. After waiting for as long as we did I dare not complain about the delay and food quality. One customers across from me got so tired of waiting that they finally went to complain to the manager. They came back very upset that they were told" they didn't know who or where the manager was at". They eventually did get their order but their fries and food was cold as well. Throughout this entire ordeal the table where the customers that abandoned their food was never cleaned up or had the uneaten food removed, etc. that was unchanged even as we were leaving!

Upon paying the check(also had to wait a long time to do) we finally saw a woman that had a badge that said store manager, I mentioned to her that we were very disappointed and that they had some serious issues to resolve. She didn't even acknowledge me or ask me to explain anything. She basically ignored me and turned around and walked off. This was virtually the same issue that happened on my first visit. I know that during our visit today I personally witnessed minimum of 15 customers walk in and then walk out due to the delay in any resemblance of customer service or their severe delay in receiving drinks or food or both. This is not a large town and word is getting out very quickly that the food and service is very bad at this very new location. I would hope that you would want to address this problem. I will be glad to speak to anyone regarding my issue in the hope it may be resolved in the future. I really like your food and would love to enjoy it in my town. I am also a local restuarant OWNER and can honestly not understand why this is such a problem.

My name is Ben Burnham and my contact number is [protected]

I look forward to any hope of assistance in resolving this issue.

Thank you.

Oct 06, 2019

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