Steak 'n Shakeserver/waitress

R Nov 26, 2019

Placed order for drinks and when brought to table, she said she thought there was a small hole in glass but she would check back with us. Glass was chipped on the bottom and continued to leak. When we could finally get her attention she replaced it, without the lemon in the drink we asked for. We went ahead and ordered our food and sat and waited for a while and they were not even real busy. When the server brought the food to our table we were missing 2 orders of fries and one of the fries that was brought to the table was missing the cheese sauce for them. The one single stakburger that we did get was not right because it was ordered with everything and was served plain. Even after all of this we decided to order child size shakes for the 6 and 2 year old that was with us. We ordered them without whip cream but please put the cherry on top. They were brought back to us with whip cream and no cherry. The older lady that waited on us has been at this establishment for a while and we have had several instances lately that she has messed our orders up. When we got to the register tonight, we even had 2 tickets that the amounts did not even match. The gentleman at the register had to go see what she had done to fix the amount of the order before we could pay. Food tasted good and everything was eaten but the customer service really lacked. I myself have worked in food service and there is no way that I have ever messed up this much. I will say that if her memory is fading, maybe she should write the orders down.

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