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Yesterday my son's golf team came into Carrollton GA for the state playoffs. I took them to your business for supper. We were told by the girl up front the wait was 1 hour. We said Ok but there was 4 empty booths and 2 empty tables. I pointed that out and she said well it will be 1 hour wait for your food. Another lady came up whom I assume was the manager and said very rudely that it didn't matter about the hour wait she was not going to serve another group of golfers. She had one in there now and had severed several earlier. She told us we might as well find another place to eat. I was appalled. These students were from a very affluent school. I was so embarassed. This was my hometown and they were treated very rudely. Let me finish by saying the group consist of 5 girls and 1 coach.
Never again will we visit your establishment. It as always been one of my favorites. So we went across the street and gave Olive Garden our $175.00 for a really nice meal where we were treated with respect. And let me add they were super crowded...

May 20, 2019
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      May 20, 2019

    You’ve never worked in a restaurant, have you? Might’ve had the seats but maybe not the servers. You were kinda rude about it. If they would’ve sat you and you waited an hour, you would’ve been upset also. Get over it. Move on.

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  •   May 20, 2019

    She severed several people recently?

    Rough restaurant.

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  •   May 27, 2019

    Affluence is usually a worse situation than non- affluence. Affluence usually means lazy and hoity-toity. The affluent, especially those who grew up affluent and therefore this life is all they know, think that restaurant workers and others in that capacity are below them and they really do think they are better than others in the world. Some even grew up with maids complete with "Alice" uniforms!!!

    And golf? Please! How hoity-toity can you get??

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  •   May 27, 2019

    So your son is a girl???

    Rich [censored]es are worse than Thurston Howell III's!

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