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J Aug 13, 2018

August 13, 2018
Steak N Shake
5790 South University Drive
Davie, FL 33328

Sad to say, I had a subpar experience today at approximately 530pm in the drive-thru.
I ordered: one double steak burger - mustard only, baked beans, child sized Diet Coke, regular size chocolate shake. This was $12.xx. I knew right away this was too costly.

I paid. I got the very small Diet Coke. I received a very large bag that was heavier than it should have been. The bag contained the burger, an order of fries, the baked beans, a cup of chili. I had to wait and wait on the chocolate shake since no one made it. I told the attendant I did not order chili or fries. I handed her the bag. She said she removed the chili then returned the bag. A manager had to be summoned to refund the cost of the chili.

I drove into an empty parking spot to eat the meal. The chili was in the bag not the baked beans. I had to drive closer, park, go into the building to tell them I still did not have the baked beans. By now minutes had passed so I asked them to remake the burger which was cooling off. They did. I waited inside. The manager came back with baked beans and a burger. I know better. I unwrapped the burger to be sure there was mustard. There was zero mustard. Manager took the burger back. Came back in a few seconds. Back outside to eat the food. The baked beans were cold. Cold. I was there last week and those baked beans were also cold. The burger was shameful. The burger was saturated with mustard. I guess they showed me. I mean covered once the top bun was lifted. Even before I finished unwrapping the burger I could see much mustard on the wrapper. There was so much mustard that it looked like two large pieces of melted cheddar cheese. Back into the restaurant. Same manager (middle-aged white bald man). I told him the baked beans were cold and the mustard was probably three tablespoons. I wanted a refund which I got. I think one of the vice-presidents needs to leave the lovely offices on Pennsylvania Street and take an all day or two-day look at this location. Really. The experience was that bad.

I have lived in eight states. I lived twice in Indianapolis, twice in St. Louis, MO suburbs, Normal, IL where I attended college. I have been enjoying Steak ‘n Shake for many years. I travel a fair amount around the US and often stop at them on the road. Today's experience was shameful. Every complaint is more money in the trash and less in your bonus.
Thank you.
Janet K. McGann

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