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I have been going to the Sonic in Savage, Mn. since it opened a few years ago. I've been to this Sonic many times. We had waited impatiently for Sonic to come to MN. We had moved here in 2001. I am 61 years old and grew up with Sonic in Norman, Ok. When we were teenagers we spent every Friday and Saturday night cruising Sonic on Lindsey St.. It was a favorite place to take my grandmother who loved the fish sandwich, for me it was almost always a #2 cheeseburger. I won't be going back to THIS Sonic or possibly any other. I realize that menu changes have to be made over time but the food should still be good. What happened to your buns? Dense, chewy, flavorless, definitely NOT suited for a hamburger. The first one I thought was a fluke but the second one was an absolute. I had to take off one side of the bun to eat the thing and it wasn't worth it. You've lost us for good but thanks for the memories. If this change is only to this particular location perhaps you could suggest a return to tradition. If not, then please let me know so I can make the drive to St Paul. I appreciate your time and attention.


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    David Guillot Apr 01, 2018

    I used to average 2 Super Sonic Jalapeno cheeseburgers a week for 20+ years.
    But somebody at Sonic headquarters changed the bun to a sandpaper bread that is void of taste and uncomfortable to the palate.
    Why would somebody do this to such an iconic mainstay of hamburger culture?
    I eventually found a replacement for my fast food staple. But I do miss peeling back the foiled paper of my youth.
    I can’t help but thinking that somebody was trying to save a nickel and lost generation of loyal customers. Dang shame.

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  • Im
    imissthings May 30, 2019

    a year later & this is still so relevant. it truly makes me sad because I used to think sonic had the best steak burgers. it’s just all gone downhill. BRING BACK THE TASTY BUNS!

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  • Wi
    [email protected] Dec 19, 2019

    I agree with the above comments. Since the new folks took over and they changed the hamburger bun from soft and good to just BAD ! Probably because some Sonic bean counter decided they could save a couple of cents by using a cheaper supplier. The No. 2 is just not the same goodness as the old burger. As a result Sonic is only visited rarely as opposed to what used to be twice weekly visits.

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  • Wi
    William Daniel Feb 14, 2020

    The wife and I used to visit the local Sonic for burgers at least once a week. When they changed to that sorry excuse for a bun we quit going. Sonic just flat out RUINED their burgers.

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