Sonic Drive Inhand washing and glove policy


While out for milkshakes with my family, we witnessed the grill operator, bare handed behind the grill, feed himself then reach under his apron and shirt scratch his stomach then proceed to remove 2 burgers from the grill with the spatula and bare just been in his mouth and on his stomach finger tips, then stick that same hand in the tomatoes. Managment told us that they are NOT required to wear gloves and hand washing is only done every hour or after restroom breaks. After managments explanation, the same grill operator who still had not washed his hands proceeded to fill what looked to be ketchup. This is absolutely disgusting, I personaly used to enjoy Sonic's food but I will not be ordering food from here again.


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    Britta606 Apr 07, 2014

    Sonics hand washing policy is NOT every hour. That manager clearly doesn't know what he's talking about. It's every twenty minutes for at least twenty seconds. You must use the hand sanitizer after you wash your hands as well. There are no glove guidelines unless that areas health department mandates it but even is follows the same hand washing routine except you put on new gloves after. I can't believe that manager told you that!

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