Sonic Drive-Infood quality

D Aug 03, 2018

Until today my wife and I were freqent customers of the Sonic in Aberdeen, NC. I always order a Super Sonic Breakfast burritto and for the last few months, depending on who prepares it, it can resemble a burritto, a crumpled up piece of paper or anything in between. The one I got Monday, July 30th consisted of a cold, wrinkled
tortilla shell, melted cheese, a slice of tomatoe, diced oninos and three tater tots.
This mornings cosisted of a shell, cheese, two strips of bacon and three tater tots.

My wife stops by Sonic on her way to work and then drops my order off at my job, therefore until this morning, we have been unable to return the sub-standard food we have received on what has become a regular basis.
Also, one of the servers that regularly works the morning shift has had an extremely "Bad" attitude when dealing with my wife.

Fortunately, she will no longer have to worry about getting attitude and I won't have to eat crappy cold burrittoes (at least from Sonic) as today was our last visit to the Aberdeen Sonic

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