Sonic Drive-Incustomer service

M Aug 13, 2018

My husband and i went to the sonic (located on 9703 TX-422 Spur, San Antonio, TX 78211) to order a large M&M blast, a medium Butterfinger blast, and medium cheddar peppers. First thing that we didnt like was that both of our blast was poorly done with no whipped cream and our lids and cup messy and sticky. Second, was that instead of our cheddar peppers we got mozzarella sticks, and finally my husband's blast was with Reese's instead of Butterfinger. Now ive been coming to this Sonic my whole life hoping that their bad reputation would change but today was the last straw. Ive gone to the managers and nothing has changed. People still wait 20 minutes for a slush, sticky food, missing/wrong order, and worst of all employees running around and playing instead of working. I would not be exaggerated when i say this is the worse sonic in San Antonio.

customer service

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