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I stopped at the location 4504 Challenger Ave. Roanoke Va today 10/19. I seen a sign, actually 2 signs saying Hotdogs for a dollar. I didn't pay attention to the date. I ordered 6 coney hotdogs. The guy came back and said "that was yesterday". I didn't say anything I ordered something else but after I left I thought about it. I have work in customer service and I have worked retail. If we was to leave a sign up of a sale it didn't matter if it was over with we had to give it to the customer. Management should have removed those signs the end of that night or before you opened this morning. I never got a notice about it and I have the app on my phone. It is just irritating to see a sign still up because the date is much smaller that everything else on those signs.
Just wanted to give you an FYI that maybe someone should take the sign down as soon as the sale ends.
Thank You
Robin LaPrade


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      Oct 20, 2017

    It was a simple mistake. I hope you let them know the sign was still out when you were there.

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