SmartStyleunprofessional store manager


I went to smart styles salon in vincennes indiana for a perm. I asked the store manager, alisha hayes, who also did my perm, if my hair was in good condition. Reassuring me, i agreed to the $150.00 overpriced perm, (i actually believed she knew what she was doing, ) then, it did not curl, it burnt my hair, i was so in shock, i asked for my money back, which she refused rudley. She also, charged for me for a style, and i left with my hair wet, it was so burnt she could not blow dry it to style it. She did not refund my money for that either. I posted this story and my hair results on youtube if anyone wants to see it, my id is madison venturini. I have lost a lot of hair because of this so called perm, i do not understand how or, why people like her should get away with hurting people like us. It should be illegal, or is it? i asked her for corporates number and she gave me a fake one. I googled it and found this site and the number. I am not sure how much good it will do after reading some of the other complaints. But i guess i will just wait and see. I definitely believe i deserve my money back. I have three videos about my experience and smart styles salon on youtube, i will try to include them with this complaint, if they will not send, please watch them. My id is madison venturini, also try my name if that will not work, i can also email them if you email me a request.
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