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not worth working for

I am currently working for this company but I will be resigning Monday. When you are hired, they tell all kinds of lies to get you thinking you can make a lot of money on minium wage. Since I've been working there, I have not had a decent paycheck more than $300.00. You can make commission but it is damn near impossible to make it. And they way you get paid every 10th and 25th of the month is so confusing! From the way they tried to explain to me you get "advance pay" which usually shows up on your paycheck stub on the 10th of the month. They tax you on your tips so a little advice, if you don't want to report your tips to the IRS don't let customer leave tips on their credit or debit card. This job is best for those who are just out of beauty school and are looking to get more experience and for those who do not have responsibilites such as children, car note, bills, etc. The prices are so undercharged and when you have clients who want the whole works (cut, blowdry, flatiron, and style) they complain about it and think they get all that done for $14.95! Get out of here!

bad haircut

my boyfriend and I went in to smartstyle so he could get a haircut before returning to school we got there and we asked how long it would be first the woman said an hour once we picked out a hairstyle not too short just down to his chin she then said oh ok your next. so we think wow ok well he proceeded to sit down first she took a clipper and just went around his whole head it was uneven and just plain messy, then went to shampoo his hair. finally she gets done and sits him in his seat first she starts getting distracted with other workers then people just walking around. finally she gets to cutting his hair and she trims it and just carelessly kept on trimming it and cutting it shorter when his hair was done it was very short and didn't look at all like the style he picked the woman kept insulting him through the whole thing. it was just a horrible experiance his hair is very short and he is very upset with the haircut all around. I would not recommend them at all, to blowdry your hair its and extra 3 dollars! its expensive and very inexperienced work.

messed up hair cut/rude stylist

This was my second time visiting this salon in Wal-Mart. The first time I had a wonderful experience. The...


There is a great stylist that works or should I say that is over worked. I think the management or the supposed manager that was hired for that position is not only under qualified but a total rude and inconsiderate person more to her workers. There has been many complaints not only to the company but also Wal-mart about her, It gets you no where!!! My heart goes out to the poor girl that everyone comlains to that is always working, how do I know this I am a cashier right outside of the smartstyle. everyone loves the girl and she is a great worker, she does all of the pathetic managers job and all the manager does is complain, if you heard half of what I hear in my line you would boot her pathetic but out of there. actually look at your sales and you will see who brings in your business!!! remember Wal-mart in duncansville Pa. Open your eyes up REGIS CORP.

  • Bo
    Bonnie Jun 09, 2009

    We have the same problem here in Greensboro, NC. I always see only one person working, and she's there all the time... it's a shame she does poor work because of her workload.

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no seats when you have to wait

I took my son to Smartstyles in Walmart for a hair cut. There was no where to sit, so I sit at an empty station. A lady lady wlked into the salon and was talking to another stylist. The lady then approached me and ask me to moved to an another station so I politely did. She pushed the chair up to the sataion and left. I found out she was the manager of the salon. I later found out the other stlyist told her that I sat there because it was full when I came into the salon. What kind of business is this to your customers? Twenty minutes later, a man come in the salon is full again, he sits at that same station. Asking customer to moved out of a chair and you are not going to use it is not good business. Smartstyles just lost a customer. I will take my business somewhere else, thanks to this manger.

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kind but incompetent service

Today, 25 April 2009, I went to Smartstyle's Wetumpka location to return or exchange a set of product...

poor customer service

I called Smart Styles to find out their hours of service on a Sunday and to find out some other questions before I decided to take my 2 1/2 year old daughter to get her first hair cut. The lady that answered the phone did not want to help me at all, she told me right away that she was doing a relaxer in a lady's hair and I told her I just wanted to know what their hours were. She told me and then when I wanted to know if they do baby's first hair cut she quickly answered yes and then really rudely repeated herself about putting a relaxer in a lady's hair. I don't understand why she answered the phone if she's not willing to answer a couple of questions to get my business. That made me so mad that I am taking my business to Fantastic Sams because to me getting my baby's first hair cut is suppose to be special.

  • Je
    Jen Mar 30, 2009

    I agree. I went to Smart Style in Wal-Mart to get a haircut for my then 6yr old daughter and we wanted a cut like the rachael cut. The lady told me that that is not a cut for her age and she said it wouldn't be age appropriate, but I ignored her and had her cut it anyways. When the cut was done, I made a comment that the cut was really cute and the stylist said, "yeah for a 30yr old woman". I will never go there again and I haven't been back. They Suck anyways! I now go to Great Clips.

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  • Sa
    sam97 Mar 25, 2010

    I am a mother of 4 and work full time. Today we went to wal mart to pick up the usual easter party supplies for school. My daughter of 4 asked if she could get her hair cut. So after getting stuff for the parties we stop at smart style. I normally do not get their hair cuts here but i thought "it should be ok". Well I was wrong. We walked in at 6:20, signed in her name. There were 3 ladies working at this point One was finishing up a style, one walked out into walmart and the last girl was helping people coming into the store asking about products plus trying to do a wax. Finally around 6:45 my daughters name is called. At that time there was only one lady working. She was trying to cut my daughters hair. She had to stop at least 3 times to help other people coming in. At 6:57 she asked the other girl, who was in the back, if she was ready to come back to help. Her reply was well what time is it. So, she answered back to her "its 3 mins. til 7". The girl in the back said well its not time for me to clock back in. I could not believe my ears. Knowing that they were busy. Can you imagine sitting there that long with 4 children. Finally Told the lady at the counter who was suppose to be cutting my daughters hair that i was getting angery. That she had to keeping stopping when there is a girl in the back not doing anything. At this point she had made 3 cuts to back of my daughters hair, which was very uneven, I took my daughter out of the chair and left. Thankfully there is a place open in the mall that could fix my daughters hair at 7:30 at night. That took all of 15 mins. with no interuptions. I was in and out of there.

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bad service

I went to the salon and told them i wanted a body perm. The girl done the perm and when i got up the next morning my hair was all dry and frizzy and didn't even look like a perm. So i called them up and the manager told me she would do 2 conditioning treatment on my hair and then she flat ironed it. When she used the flat iron she burnt my head now i have yellow-like scabs in my hair and my hair is still messed up. They never offered my $45.oo back that i spent on my hair and it still looks like crap. I want to know what i can do. Thanks Shelly

  • Valerie Sep 09, 2008

    I wanted a very simple alteration to my current style; when I went in my hair was long and straight (to about 2" below my bra strap). The stylist (Jalicia) was finishing up a braid on a young girl. When she finished she tendered them out and sat me in her chair. She asked what I had in mind. We looked at a photograph and told her "I want my hair like this you know, just layered from my shoulders down" (showing her with my hand motioning from the shoulder downward to my elbow). She repeated what I said, wet my hair with a water bottle and proceeded to cut.

    An hour into the procedure I realized that she was using the same comb on me that she had used on the girl she styled before me. She never left the area to sanitize her tools and there was no sanitizing solution at her station. So I decided that I was going to purchase some tea tree shampoo which I saw in the retail area, as I know it has antiseptic properties.

    When she finished she handed me a mirror and I could now see that she had cut off from my shoulders down (eight inches of hair, gone). I was shocked and cried. I just wanted to go home and make the best of it, since the damage was done and irreparable.

    Around 8:00 pm I finally tried to style my hair, this is when I discovered that I had large gaps and choppy, uneven layers in my hair. From one side of my head to the other there was up to a 2" difference. My husband convinced me to return for another of the site's stylist to fix it. I knew the shop didn't open until 1:00 on Sunday so I arrived at 1:10. The shop was still closed so I went to asked Wal-Mart Customer Service for guidance as to how to proceed. The Store Manager advised me to call Regis Customer Service as the shop is not governed by Wal-Mart it is simply renting space, and she did not suggest my waiting for them to come in as she knew of two other complaints having been made against them in the past couple of weeks. The Store Manager wrote down the 800 number for Regis Customer Service for me. I left and went directly to another salon for a corrective cut. They too had heard the recent horror stories and in order to correct the style and make me presentable she had to cut another 2 inches, just to even it out and I still have a gap on the right side that she did her best to blend so it's not so obvious. So now my hair sits just above my collar.

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  • Wh
    whyamihere Mar 07, 2009

    You need to call customer service... Regis corp and let them know what happened. they will be willing to work with you... make sure when you call you have the salon name location and store number that should be on your reciept... hope that helps

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  • Tb
    t bird May 13, 2009

    I went and had my cut and highlights put in one month ago. The highlights cameout almost orange and she didnt evenget them close to my sclap there were awful. Despite my good judgement Iwent again yesterday 05-12-09 this time Ihad the highlights removed and my hair colored to fix the last stylists mistake. After getting my hair colored it came out a dark red/brown color with light brown showing through. And the light brown was not where I had the highlights originally. I then got a haircut. Can I tell you jacked up!!! It looked like I had three duck tales in the back of my neck, the sides were uneven to the point that severalpieces fro at least 2 inches longet then the rest on both sides. Also Ihave a huge chuck of hair missing behind my left ear that sticks out like a sore thumb!! I had to go to another salon to have it fixed. The stylist did what she could ut point blank told me that would have to wait at least 2 months for my hair to grow out before she could really fix it. Afterlooking I had dye all over my ears and the back of my neck. Its bad when you go to one salon then have to go to another to try to have your hair fixed. Did i mention that I had to blow dry my own hair in the salon too. And all of that tobe charged $ 75.00 with no refund. SO i called today to talk to the manager and was told she wasnt there and I would have to call back, but since I didnt complain yesterday theres was nothing to be done. Does n e one have a cooperate number I could call. Alexandria, Louisiana smart style located in Walmart on 28 West. Stay away from this place!!!

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  • Lo
    Lovingwife Apr 20, 2010

    Sorry to hear something like that has happened to you, if you call Regis corp. does not work you could even take it to Ohio Stateboard of Cosmotalogy and ask them what they can do for you, or what way they can leaned you to help you. Did you ask for your money back? If so, they should have done so, there is a way to do that on their computer, I should know, I have worked for that same company. That is also another reason I will not work there again, they have people work there that just came out of school or people that don't know what they are doing... The manager that I worked for just got out of beauty school not even a year and then came there and got a managers job... She has not had the experience that a manager should have, they would hire anyone... I am sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience there, but there are people out there does know what they are doing, you just need to ask a lot of questions and ask around who your friends go to... Don't be afraid to ask the person questions that is going to do your hair!!! I personally have a picture album of most of my work so I can show people that I am able to do good work, it is always nice to be able to see there work... Seeing is believing...

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smart styles made my son cry

I took my son to the Walmart hair salon- smart styles. We waited about 30 mins to be seen. I signed our name...

horrible haircut and horrible customer service

I had very thick layered hair that was about half way down my back. I went into Smartstyle for a trim and told the lady I wanted about 3 inches off while keeping my layers. Everything was going fine till she got to the part around my face. She asked if I wanted a face frame so I said yes but in LONG layers. She cut my past the shoulder length hair to chin length. The damage was done so she did the other side to match. She showed me the back and said how she was going to fix it. She cut something but I'm not sure what because she was in a terrible hurry. As soon as she was done she asked if I wanted to put my hair in a ponytail and I did so because I can't stand my hair that short. When I got home I used my hair straightener on my hair and was horrified! She left my hair with what looks like a bob with a mullet in the back! Plus the layers in the bob are not even even at all. I went back the next day to have them fix it but my horrible stylist wasnt there so they refused to do anything. I was steamed and when I went back home I called there customer service number at [protected]. The lady I spoke to said my haircut price would immediately refunded and the area supervisor would be notified of their refusal to fix the problem. Also while I was getting my haircut one of the other rude stylist was talking to her friend about my 2 year old daughter and making rude comments about her hair and how she would get away with being a lot more mean to customers if she could. I will NEVER go back to another Smartstyle Salon EVER!

  • Ma
    Marwan24 Sep 04, 2012

    Had the same experience thi past saturday at a smartstyle. Seems that they are hiring unexperienced and mean hairstylist!

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  • Ri
    risadanielle Feb 25, 2013

    The EXACT same thing happened to me! The most >horrible< haircut I've ever had in my life! It looked exactly the same way you described yours as looking! I emailed them and I'm telling everyone I know how awful the stylists are and how expensive and rude they are at "smart" style. What a joke and waste of time and money. You can't just get a normal wash and cut. They charge you for EVERYTHING...the wash, the conditioner, the drying, the cut and the styling. PLEASE DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH THESE PEOPLE! The only smart thing about my experience was that I know better now!

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I have worked for Smartstyle three different times, with the Regis Corporation they say they offer health...

over charging

Went in to smart style (Inside our local wal-mart) today for cut, color and highlights. As recently as feb 08...

bad business

I went in there today at 6 PM to get my hair highlighted and cut. I had just got off work, only time to get...


I went in for a shampoo and cut. My receipt says "Shampoo and Style Basic $14.95, Conditioner $1.00, Adult...

terrible service

I am currently a stylist at smartstyle in rochester, ny. I hope the regis corporation reads this! My salon and a few others in the area refuse to have more than one stylist on most of the time. The problem is this: ppl wont return because stylists have to stop what they're doing every few minutes to answer the ph or cash out retail sales. I had 2 clients yesterday tell me this is ridiculous that i had to stop 3 or 4 times during their haircuts. These clients told me since i couldn't devote 100% of my time doing their hair without being interrupted. they wont return!

I've spoken to my manager and she agrees this is why the salons are slow. Ppl dont appreciate being serviced without the constant interruptions. I have to agree with them. The regional isnt allowed to hire more stylists so at least 2 are on at all times that the salon is open! Ppl also walk out when they see only one stylist working. Regis corporation is only interested in the bottom line. Not good customer service. This will catch up with them! My manager has had the same problem with unhappy ppl because of this. As i said, i hope the higher ups at regis reads this! My manager is going to write a letter and send it to the corporate office!

  • Mi
    milly02 Jan 12, 2010

    The Smartstyle I worked for was the same way, but I can't say it was cooperate alone. The manager and district manager were just awful. They let stylist come in drunk and threaten to "slice" people open. I swear that's what I heard. They needed to get rid of the people who didn't come in at all. I spent two and a half years in that place working my ### off dealing with working by myself on a SATURDAY night, and working with lazy ### co-works only to be fired for something I didn't even do. And toward the end of my time there I was only getting 12-16 hours a week. that's not enough to live on so you know they were planning on letting me go. I just wish they would of told me they didn't need my services anymore and I would of left. but instead they wrongfully accused me of stealing hair color.

    When there was more then one person working most of the girls would go in the back and hide (including the manager) leaving only two of us to work by ourself. They would go outside and take a 20 min smoke break on a busy Saturday leaving the ones who didn't smoke to pick up the slack.

    I don't suggest anyone to work or get their haircut their unless they want to be treated unfairly both as a customer and as a stylist.

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  • Fn
    fnelfre Apr 12, 2010

    Seems as though not only are the customers unhappy, so are your stylists. Little wonder. My mother went to Smart Style one time. Never ever again. Regis. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    Diane 623-628-7801. Buckeye Arizona

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  • Ia
    iam overthis Aug 10, 2011

    i know what you are all talking about i would never work for smart style and whats even worse the people that work at corp office and the area supervisors are not even stylists . all they care about is the bottom dollar i do hope that regis corperation reads all of these complants and maybe just maybe they can get their lazyselfs off there $800 dollar excetive chairs and climate controlled offices drive in there bmws and hummers to the salons and see and work with what we do on a daily basis . the people got to that level because of us and our hardwork . with out respect and good management that knows where the stylist is comeing from like my salon manager did in willamsvile ny, these corp offices and salons will be empty, and esp since we are in a recession, it could happen real quick .

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horrible hair cut

This is the email that i have written to smart style if you want pictures i can email them to you I will...

terrible experience

I went into wal marts smart style the day of july 17th 2008 to get a hair cut. The woman that cut my hair was very in competent. She was playing these coon tunes or "rap" to you simpler folk while she was vutting my hair which made me pretty unhappy in the first place. Then the second thing she did was stop cutting my hair walk over to her cd player and change the track then i was really fiery. If you want to attract business to wal marts smart style play something where i can understand what the hell the folk are saying like country music.

  • De
    derrick Jul 23, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    you are a bloody redneck rascist.

    coon? watch your mouth

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  • Ja
    JA Jul 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thats why this world is gettin no better you can not spell and you are plain ignorant.

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  • Mr
    mrsnbracey Jun 01, 2009

    I think that is a very racist thing to say. Though the Stylist was unprofessional as far as stoping doing your hair to change the cd player. and even maybe if the music had suggestive words in it, you could of done your part as a client and asked your stylist to change the music, or explained that it was offending you. but for you to hurl out an racist insult like Coon music " Rap" is just aweful for you to say. all people dont like or understand country music, and you shouldn't assume that they do. How about a person judge you and called you a Redneck or a cracker!! Not only does blacks or colored races like rap music but whites, and other cultures does too. I am Black america and i like all types of music. I hope you become educated and adapt to the melting pot that we live in..

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  • Ju
    Just-a-Hair Jul 18, 2009

    i am a white girl from a dirt farm and still this is the most ignorant thing i have read in a long time. Sounds to me like you need to live in a commune off somewhere in the woods so that you won't be subjected to society, or maybe they won't be subjected to you!

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  • Vo
    Vode Aug 23, 2009

    I experience the most dreadful time in visiting this salon. I was already much delayed in cutting my hair and was making me look ugly, due to the load of work it was very difficult to remove time. It was on Thursday when my friend informed me that there was a seminar on our product and delegates from many other companies would be visiting our office, I had to cut my hair to look presentable. Before going to the office the next day I decided to go quite early. I went for a hair cut arriving at 8:45 being the first one there I insisted the Manager, to cut my hair. Imagine my surprise when several women came in after me but got served first. I demanded the explanation and she very coolly says that they are my regular customers and therefore they need to be done first. I made her realize that I too was an old customer who was dedicated to this salon from past 3 years, but she said that their dedication is thrice more than my. This was awful. Now I know it is a policy to hire stylists that can bring clients with them, but they should follow the same sign-in policy the rest of us have to. I was totally humiliated after this verbal abuse in front of many customers. The up side is I had to do my hair with another employee who was still a trainer. I was in a fix as I was getting late for office and at the same time it was very important to have a hair cut. I had to give up and get it done. The essence of my complaint is that the importance of your customers is generated from how long its been that they are their customers. I think its enough now I better hunt for another salon.

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  • Ka
    karen bisaillon Oct 19, 2009

    i work ar a smart styles salon and have never come across someone as narrow minded as you. i've had customers ask to turn the music down or change the radio station and have done it with a smile on my face. maybe if you would have asked her instead of getting angry you would have had a better experience.

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false advertising

I was given a coupon for $5 off the cost of a relaxer and on the coupon it stated that the relaxer included...

hair cut & service

Yes, You certainly pay for what you get. On Saturday past I went to get my hair cut at smart style in the walmart. I advised the hair dresser of what I wanted. Apparently, she did not have very good listening skills. She had cut my hair about 2 inches shorter on one side, cut gaps out, the back of my hair is on an angle, also long peices of hair hanging down. She had dropped the comb on the floor, never bother to clean it off or get another one. I asked her to straighten my hair, my hair was half straighten. Half blow dry. I asked her about a product, she said she did not know, she never even checked for me. She was that rude, she never offered a magazine to look at. I Did not notice anything was wrong with my hair untill I got home, because when she sort of straightened my hair she was going under at the ends, almost like curling it. I guess she was trying to cover her mistakes. I phoned her the next day, explained what the problem was, She (hair dresser) advised me that she was not satisfied with the cut herself. So why in the world would she actually let me go out the door looking like that? When your a hair dresser or anyone at that matter, You do need good listening skills and communication skills are #1 in any business.


rude employees

Recently I took my son into the walmart salon.. that was my first mistake. My son is 15 and he is growing his hair out like alot of the boys are today the shaggy look. Well needless to say shaggy isn't what we got. It was more like the stylist Tammy place a bowl on his head and cut it. It was horrible. It took her 45 min to just cut the edges into the bowl shape. I was watching her while she was doing this because I could tell my son was not happy and it was taking to long for this haircut. As I was watching her she seem to be drifting off into space just combing his hair over and over again as though she was trying to figure out what to cut next. Finally I had enough and I ask for someone to help her with this haircut. OMG!!! I think they had taught one another how to cut hair. The second stylist name Shannae came over to assist ...lets just say that was her plan. She had no clue where to even begin she combed and played with his hair for at least 10 mins as though she was trying to master a great plan. Well enough is enough I told them they where done and I would not pay for such a horrible haircut I could of done this at home in 5 min. So we left and went to another salon down the street where I had told them what had just happened the lady there fixed my sons hair in 10 mins it looked wonderful. Why doesn't Smart Styles take a little more pride in there stylist. Train them a little more and work on customer service so I guess calling them a stylist really is the word I would use. More like losers.

  • Sh
    shari gibson Sep 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I started working at smart styles last week and I will same I have never been treated so badly by the manager in my 27 yrs as a stylist The customers felt bad for me THis is at north mrytle beach HOpefully the company will realize that salon in that location for 5yrs should be doing better then that

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  • Ji
    Jill Mitchell Nov 14, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Today I took my daughter into the Walmart salon to have her hair colored. OMG!! what a mistake. I told the hairstylist what she recently did to her hair with other haircolors, and since the salon is suppose to have professionals I thought she would know what to do for her. I guess I was wrong.. My daughters hair turned out green, needless to say she didn't even know how to fix it neither did the other lady in there. They had to get on the phone and call someone to figure out how to help her. Finally, they put a lifter on her hair to remove what she'd done. I know this is not entirely the stylist fault, but as a professional she should have known better. After three hours of sitting in the chair we were charged the full price of $44.95, and she looked the same as when she walked in!! Not even an apology or a rate cut was given for her mess up..I will never go back to the Walmart salon..

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  • Do
    dont worry about it Jun 14, 2009

    Honestly you people need to get a life their is nothing wrong with that salon and you seriously need to grow up those hair dressers are trying their hardest to please some you pain in the ### clients that come in with your grubby ### hair and expect us to work miricles just so you know WERE NOT GOD we cant fix your UGLY if you expect better then go somewhere else and stop talking ###!!!

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  • Mb
    mbbc Oct 07, 2009

    As for the color mishab alot of the stylist that work at smart styles are straight out of beauty school so they dont know alot. Smart styles targets beauty schools. Green hair would freak them out being they probably used a green based color like ash instead of a neutral color. As far as working there. I worked there for awhile and got fired for breaking my foot and them wanting me to be 100 percent in less than a week. then my horrible area supervisor piled like 70 hours on me and told me i could work it or be fired. I couldnt work it. I should have sued them for not followoing labor law. They work you to death there and could careless about you and you have to bring in double your base pay to make commission of a whopping 40 percent that only equals your base pay or a few dollars more. Thats 100 percent mark up just to have a job. you would be better off homeless than working there.

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