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Great Clips Complaints & Reviews

Great Clips / haircut

Deborah Peebles on Sep 20, 2017
I giving a comment! On 09/14/2017, I went to Great Clips in Lakeside, Store #1756, at 9:00AM to get my hair cut! When I got there, I was greeted by Carolyn! She is very good at her job because she cares about the customer! I think that good comments should show that there is also caring...

Great Clips / manager

Jerry ab on Sep 14, 2017
When they first opened, the manager was there and it was her turn for me, i told her I wanted this other girl, she said to me, IS It BECAUSE I AM A MEXICAN, i have never seen her before this time. I walked out. Recently i went back and was getting a hair cut from another stylist and she...

Great Clips / haircut and unacceptable staff

JudysBabies on Sep 12, 2017
Earlier today, my dear friend, Brenda Searcy, stopped by your Kaufman, Texas location for a hair cut. This is the message she sent me about her experience. I just went to great clips in Kaufman. I had my hair cut and the bangs were not right I never raised my voice and ask to try to change it...

Great Clips / hair salon

Chad Justice on Sep 10, 2017
I was out working and saw a Great Clips and thought I would stop in and get a hair cut. This Great Clips is located at 12141 Manchester Rd, Depair Mo 63131 (right next to the Aldi grocery store). I proceeded to go into the store and received a hair cut. There was no wait. As I sat down in...

Great Clips / out of control, rude, violence

Tom Robinson1976 on Sep 4, 2017
For several months now I have experienced rude treatment and witnessed some of the most unprofessional manager to staff behavior I have ever seen continued every time I return. I understand we are all human and people have good days and bad. This is why I am so steaming mad. I have been a...

Great Clips / no customer service skills from manager rachel

Dawsonwood on Sep 2, 2017
Hello me and my sons stopped by yesterday and was greeted promptly from a nice gentleman as I asked him could great clips honor a competitors coupon for 7.99 a lady rudely intrarupted and said she's Rachel the manager of this salon and she would not honor our coupon or even welcome us she...

Great Clips / haircut

Mjwsu on Aug 25, 2017
We asked for a flat top at Great Clips and instead got an extremely short buzz cut, not even close to a flat top. I had explained what we wanted for my son who was 11 and somewhere during the haircut the stylist asked my son about the number he wanted. She needed to consult me instead of a...

Great Clips / hair stylist

Trishy10 on Aug 23, 2017
I got my haircut at the one on Holt Avenue in Bay View in Wisconsin. I am 51 years old with a sassy short hairstyle. I mentioned to the girl that I was gonna color my hair the Denim Blue color by Garnier. She burst out laughing and said, don't! You will lose your job. I think I will look...

Great Clips / haircut

Nancy Tricola on Aug 23, 2017
On August 11th I went into the Great Clips on Cornell Road in Portland OR. Having been an hair dresser for over 25 years and having had my mother as my instructor, I KNOW how to cut hair. I am not Joe Blow off the street. So when I sit down I warn the person cutting my hair that I KNOW how...

Great Clips / policy issue

Madryan on Aug 23, 2017
When you find someone who cuts your hair perfectly the way you want it, you certainly wouldn't want anyone else cutting it. Well I found that person at Great Clips, but I have been told by the Manager that I cannot make a request to have that person cut my hair. I checked in to a Great...

Great Clips / haircut

Coolhe on Aug 7, 2017
I went to Great Clips in Galt, Ca. I let the stylest know I wanted it trimmed and thinned, no layers. I wanted to keep the length and I don't want layers. Her name is Vivian. I asked her to thin and when I felt my hair in the back it felt really short, the top was chopped off!!! It wa...

Great Clips / procedure and attitude

Mike mcgrothers sr on Aug 3, 2017
I have been a loyal Great Clips client for years. My main store is Coleman crossing in Marysville Ohio. I have been sore about this for weeks now and just decided to write. I went in un preassigned on this particular day. There were 4 in front in me and two stylist. I sat there through one...

Great Clips / terrible haircut

J Chu on Jul 29, 2017
I resently moved to Calgary so I brought my son to one of the local Great Clips today. The stylist asked me how I want his hair done. I just told her to trim it a bit shorter, but kept the same style. None of the stylists I visited before have problems with such simple request, but my...

Great Clips / service

Helfrich on Jul 26, 2017
today 7/24/17 went to great clips in Dixon, Illinois to get a haircut Chad cut my hair he reeked so bad of tobacco I can still smell it and its been 2 hours he couldn't have showered or put on clean clothes he will never cut my hair again I'm sure I'm not the only one that has experienced...

Great Clips / unprofessional behavior

John260 on Jul 19, 2017
I went to great clips in Dalton Ga on shugart rd To get my haircut the person I normally use was not there. My grandmother needed to leave and wanted to go ahead an pay for the cut. There was this tall women in the first chair and the girl checking me. we asked if it was ok to pay first...

Great Clips / employee pay and passing the buck

Deanna Welch on Jul 19, 2017
I worked at Great Clips in OKC. Each stylist is required to enter their information on ADP for direct deposit. I did this. My account number and routing number for my bank were entered correctly because I double checked it before selecting the submit button. I got a better job with...

Great Clips / unethical behaviour

Susi Gier on Jul 17, 2017
I went to take my mother for a haircut and when it was our turn another customer was called that should have been served after us When I asked why we were not called first two of the working lady's had to discuss first why they were doing itThe explanation was that it wouldn't take long...

Great Clips / customer service

Niffed on Jul 10, 2017
This company does not care about what happens at the various franchisers. I had a bad experience at a location- called customer service and was basically told that I am on my own- they will contact the owner even though I mentioned that I contacted the salon already. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE-...

Great Clips / haircut/beard and moustache trim

Robert Heller on Jul 3, 2017
Went to the Mankato MN Raintree location (where I've been a customer for over a decade) and received the worst service I have ever experienced from any company in my 55 years. All three services took a total of 9 minutes, the beard line was about three inches too high on my neck (and wa...

Great Clips / unethical behavior

Jack2406 on Jul 2, 2017
This incident I witnessed on 07/02/2017 at Dallas location 5500 Greenville Ave #502, Dallas, TX 75206. I had a terrible experience with two people working here(Both are ladies, one with a pink short hair). They are very rude and unnecessarily pass provocative comments, I am not sure if it'...

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