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Great Clips Complaints & Reviews

Great Clips / hair cut

Rebecca Norris on May 24, 2018

went to get cut and hairdresser Melissa wooluine not sure if last names right said I needed to let it grow.which when other stylist had asked her wait on me she sayed I have to make a call.they just had two working on Tuesday may 21, 2018 so I asked your refusing to trim my hair? so she...

Great Clips / beautician

Kyreed on May 7, 2018

Hi I took my 4 yearr old grandson to great clips in new castle .pa on Saturday May 5th 2018. There was a girl beautician her name was Danielle well what happened was she was cuttting his hair and cut his ear with the razor never saying sorry only that he wont sit still which he was . So...

Great Clips / online check in

Mark Hayner on May 2, 2018

Online check in is a joke. I've tried twice in the last week. The first time was a 35 minute wait. When I arrive 30 minutes after checking in online I was told it would be another 30 minutes. Just tried again and online was a 45 minute wait. I arrived exactly on time and was told it would...

Great Clips / Hours of operation

Tommy Gee on Apr 28, 2018

Tried to sign up on my app from cell phone, said we could not because they close soon. However if we arrive before closing time we would be served. Well my son and I arrived 5:40pm and closing time was 6:00 pm. Two people were working and said they close in 10 min, so at 5:50pm. I am very...

Great Clips / appointment

Grandma676 on Apr 28, 2018

Mom is 92 years old. Great clips told her she should make an appointment on line Don't have a computer Don't know how to use a computer Unfair And this discrimates against seniors I'm her driver She had to wait 1 1/2 hrs Can't even make an appt over the phone Very disappointed Should make...

Great Clips / unsatisfactory technician performance

Ro Mac on Apr 25, 2018

This morning I visited the Great Clips shop in Deerfoot Meadows, Calgary, Canada. It was obvious the stylist was new, as there was another stylist there to help her out. In hindsight, I should have cancelled, but I thought I would "give her a chance". The session was a disaster. I told her...

[Resolved] Great Clips / haircut

mee_sha50 on Apr 8, 2018

Hello, we have been using your service since last 10 years in Overlake, Wa and today when my husband went to get a hair cut they gave him a $1.80 Microsoft discount. He has asked this plenty of times, since years, if there was any Microsoft discount and they have always refused and today...

Great Clips / unprofessional

mom12345 on Apr 4, 2018

My husband took our 3 sons to the Avondale Haslet Great Clips store in Haslet, TX on 04/03/18. While there the lady that was suppose to cut one of my son's hair announced loudly that she could not cut his hair because he had lice. My husband explained that it was not lice but he ha...

Great Clips / haircut

MelGin on Mar 25, 2018

My daughter went to great clips to get her hair cut in braeside, Calgary, Alberta, Canada and they for now the 2nd time really messed up her hair. One side is at least 2 inches shorter, the hair in the back some is longer than the other. I'm disgusted that not only did they mess up my hair...

Great Clips / online check in/ apache junction, az. clerk

Alex D Garcia on Mar 13, 2018

I tried to download the online app. so that I could check in online and not wait. The Apache Junction, Az. Great Clips just moved to a new location. Due to the influx of winter visitors the wait time for "walk-ins" is normally an hour. The website said that the page was not available so I...

Great Clips / haircut

Hali Castle on Mar 10, 2018

To Whom it May Concern, I went in for a simple cut today roughly two inches off at great clips in mount sterling, Kentucky. Diadra was my hair dresser. After explaining to her what I wanted (small cut around two inches roughly shoulder length) she began to separate my hair in sections and...

Great Clips / terrible haircut

Blueberries on Feb 19, 2018

My boyfriend walked in and asked to get a hair cut. A 3 level shave on the back and sides, a 5 on the top. 1. The lady started telling him what he should get 2. She didn't do what he wanted 3. On side of his hair is cut in more then the other 4. The bottom part of his hair in the back i...

Great Clips / corporate policy

AnnEllen on Feb 16, 2018

I was at your door at 8:58 this morning. The grouch in charge let me in but made it VERY CLEAR that she could not punch in the register my phone number until 9 AM!!! Never said Hello or Good Morning, just grouched until 9 when she punched in my phone number and did cut my hair. I asked why...

Great Clips / haircut

Kenn Miller on Dec 23, 2017

Stopped by my local greatclip salon to get a haircut. It was 5:30 pm and the sign on the door says that they will be open till 6:00 pm so thought good. As I entered the salon was told that the workers were getting ready to close. I said it was only 5:30 pm she said sorry but "we are...

Great Clips / being skipped in line.

David Caesar on Dec 21, 2017

On Thursday, December 21, 2017, around 13:50 I went to get a haircut at the Great Clips store in Maysville Kentucky. I walk in and the three employees are busy, so like I normally do instead of stand there and wait I have a seat. Usually after the staff are not busy they will ask who need...

Great Clips / greatly dissatisfied with how my hair turned out after a trim

Piaz on Dec 7, 2017

I went to Great Clips located at Sunset Rd., Henderson, NV for a trim. I even brought a photo of how I wanted my hair to look after the trim. The woman who did my hair cut the hair on top of my head & back very short, It is so unlike the photo that I showed her. She was in a rush & she...

Great Clips / the hairdresser lincoln village columbus oh

Dian Love on Dec 7, 2017

I told her I wanted the back of my hair alittle short but to not do anything with sides and top leave enough for curling iron. She cut my hair and it lookslike a mans hair cut. i asked her what the h are you doing. she said you wanted it short. i said the back only not the sides and top...

Great Clips / bad service

Vivian von Ness on Dec 5, 2017

I received terrible service today. I explained to the stylist we were letting my 15 y/o sons bad hair cut grow out. I told her to use a 5 at the bottom. She doesn't acknowledge what I'm telling her and ask my son if he wants the shave up to the line. I asked her twice what line was she...

Great Clips / the manager of great clips cleveland ga

Shanoan Mason on Dec 5, 2017

The manager of this store is extremely inconsiderate and rude. She consistently parks her personal vehicle as close as possible to her stores back door, only approx. 3 feet from the neighboring door, also a business. This unacceptable behavior causes a safety hazard as well as impedes the...

Great Clips / hair cut

Heather Marie Plante on Nov 27, 2017

I went in to have my hair thinned out a little and more of a v shape cut and I got butchered. My stylist asked another to help her. The girl did one side then the original girl tried to finish the other side. They kept cuting more untill I was so angry and almost tears as they showed me...