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SM Supermalls review: I'm complaining about your staff in department store!

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Hi i'm complaining about your rude staff in department store. Her name is sweet diane I guest? She's so rude! I don't like the way he talks to my mother. She raised her voice at my mommy because my mommy didn't hear what she was saying properly. At first we didn't pay attention to her rudeness, but when she splashed in front of us, it was too much. mommy told her that she shouldn't talk to us like that because we are customers. but instead of saying sorry to us, she turned his back on us while we were talking. You should also teach good manners to your employees. We will not complain if your staff is not rude. I hope you take action with this. choose employees with good attitude. We didn't complain inside the mall because we didn't want trouble and we also didn't want to embarrass ur staff. besides, you should also take care of your customer's health. what if other customers get infected with the skin of your staff. Her skin is not normal, she has itches. Gosh please take action with this scenario!

Desired outcome: fire that staff. She doesn't deserve to work in that kind of company if her behavior is not good.

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