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I am writing to provide feedback about my recent customer service experience at your establishment on August 31, 2023 around afternoon. While I appreciate the effort of your staff in using "po" and "opo" as part of their customer service etiquette, I would like to share my concerns regarding their overall demeanor and communication.

During my visit, I had a series of questions and inquiries. Unfortunately, I observed that despite their use of polite language, the tone and demeanor of some of your employees seemed to convey irritation when faced with multiple questions. This left me feeling less than satisfied with the level of service I received.

As someone who values customer service and believes it plays a crucial role in maintaining a positive customer-business relationship, I would like to suggest a retraining initiative for your customer service team. Effective communication, patience, and a genuine desire to assist customers are essential qualities that can greatly enhance the overall customer experience.

I understand that employees can have challenging days, but consistent professionalism and courtesy are vital components of successful customer service interactions. By providing ongoing training and support in handling various customer situations, you can empower your team to consistently deliver exceptional service that reflects positively on your business.

I am hopeful that my feedback will be taken constructively, and I genuinely believe that with the right guidance, your team can continue to uphold the high standards of service that customers expect from SM Clark Business Center.

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