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I wanted to file a complaint to one of SM Megamall's security guard who was assigned to monitor the big Christmas tree display at the new building D. The incident occurred on November 19, 2023, within the hours of 3:30pm to 4:30pm.

The Christmas tree display was situated on a platform where a lot of mall goers find as a place where they can temporarily sit down and take a rest. And mind you that there were no visible signs nor stanchion poles in place to prevent people from sitting down in that area.

My 2 kids (both minors), along with their senior grandfather, took a quick breather and sat down somewhere in the middle of that platform, unaware that they were unintentionally blocking other customers to take pictures. I was standing up that time as we were waiting for my wife to arrive.

A security guard then approached us. Along with other group of people, the guard told us to vacate that area to allow other visitors to take selfies/pictures in that area of the tree. We immediately stood up and walked to the right side are of the platform to avoid being a "nuisance" to others.

Standing on the same spot, I was trying to call my wife, and also looking around to see if she's near. Upon turning around, I noticed that the same guard who told us to move was staring towards us. I casually ignored it as I was still on the phone trying to call my wife. A few minutes passed and I still noticed that the same guard was looking at us, as if trying to provoke something.

When my wife came, I held my kids and we then left the area. I was trying to ignore and just being observant, but I can see that the guard was still staring at us. We walked towards his location as we were headed to the right wing (near uniqlo) where we were parked. I gave the benefit of doubt that perhaps he may be monitoring other groups, but it is clear that his eyes were planted at me/at my family. When I was already near him, he suddenly turned his head towards me, but I guessed what he didn't expect was that I was about to confront him as I made eye-to-eye contact. When he noticed that I was about to ask him if there was a problem, he suddenly shifted his eyes to another direction.

I am trying to recall if there was any action that we did that triggered him and made us as his "target". My 2 kids and their lolo were just quietly resting on the platform, and that is all. There were other unruly, excited, and happy groups of people, so I really do not understand why he picked on us.

This kind of behavior from a security personnel is uncalled for. It's totally unprofessional and reflects to the management's lack of managing their security. It's a good thing though that it didn't escalate any further, but I totally felt extremely harassed. And considering that I have my 2 kids, my wife, and a senior with me, I felt really threated. I understand that their job is so stressful, especially during these holidays, but their duty is to provide security, not to harass or intimidate customers.

I wasn't able to get the guard's name, but he was stationed there at that time - to guard that big tree display. I am hoping that their CCTV cameras were able to capture those moments so they will be able observe his behavior during that incident. Please help me escalate this to SM management/ SM Security agency, so that other families wouldn't experience it.

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