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On 19 June 2019 I arrived in Singapore by SQ37 from Los Angeles to realise my Rimowa Salsa Air 32 inch luggage was indented n broken near the wheel.

I filed for a claim and was told the luggage cannot be repaired and the compensation is $500 and I cannot take my luggage back after the audit. Since the day I filed for a claim, I had been seeking high and low to get this same Salsa Air model luggage. However I was told this model Salsa Air is already discontinued. Moreover my luggage is the biggest size of the Salsa Air and I can never buy back the same luggage. I really like this luggage a lot as it is light and big.

Finally on 30 Aug 19 I made a difficulty decision to accept the compensation. On 3 Sept I called SAT to ask for direction to collect $500 cash in T2 from SATS lost and found department. At the same time I told the staff over the phone how I wish I could get my luggage back after the audit and she told me to write an appeal email to saa_feedback which I did immediately. She even gave me the marketing company's contact no to ask about my luggage.

On 6 Sept I sent another email to remind to look into the matter. However on 8 Sep I received a call from the same staff that gave me the email address to appeal. She told me that my luggage was being disposed. I wrote another email to express my disappointment and sadness that my favourite luggage had been disposed even when I was still waiting for a reply from SIA and that I have not even claimed the $500 cash.

In my 8 Sep email I asked if I were to claim from insurance company, I wonder if they would also compensate me and throw away my luggage? But no reply from anyone. I decided to call the marketing company on 25 Sept and was told by a lady staff that from the system my luggage was not audited yet. I was pleasantly surprise and that gave me hope that I could appeal to get my luggage back.

I decided than to make a trip to T2 SATS lost and found department on 30 Sept. I thought I could get my $500 first and in the meantime they could check the whereabout of my luggage. But was told I need to sign the indemnity form before I can get the compensation. I decided I would not receive the money since I was told the luggage was not audited yet. As I was about to leave, the staff informed me that my luggage was disposed by the marketing company and asked if I wanted to collect the cash. As my husband was waiting for me outside the terminal hall and he was rushing for another appointment, I decided to go back first. The moment I reached office, I called the marketing company, this time a gentleman told me it could be in the storeroom and he told me that he would give me a call back after checking. However, the staff from SATS called me instead to inform me that the marketing staff may have made a mistake. On that same afternoon, I received an email from SATS to inform me to complete the Release and Indemnity Form before SIA can process the payment and that it would take 3 to 4 weeks for payment to be process upon receipt of the completed form and the damaged bag will be retained by SQ.

I replied the email and requested a thorough investigation and explanation. I decided that I want my luggage back since the marketing company told me that my luggage could still be in the storeroom. On 1 Oct SATS staff in her email mentioned that she has referred to SIA on my request and would revert to me upon their advice.

On 8 Oct, I received a call from SATS manager. She told me that my luggage was disposed. I was very upset and I emailed to ask the staff how could the marketing company threw my luggage immediately I called on 30 Aug and would want her to explain why the marketing co mentioned that my bag was not audited yet and that it could still be in the storeroom. Moreover, she was the one who gave me the telephone no and suggested that I appeal. I mentioned to her I will not sign any indemnity form and would like her to credit the compensation to my account. Again I was asked to sign the indemnity and release form before SIA can process the payment.

My questions are :

1) Is there any right to dispose my luggage before I sign the indemnity and release form? Moreover I have not even received the compensation.

2) How is it the luggage can be disposed so fast before I receive the $500?

3) Why must it be 3 to 4 weeks to process payment when my luggage can be thrown away in a matter of 3 days?

4) Why did the marketing company mentioned in two occasions by two different staff that the luggage is not audited and that it could still be in the storeroom whereas the SATS staff kept saying it has been disposed?

4) Why the lack of response and reply despite numerous calls and emails to SIA?

I was truly disappointed with Singapore Airlines handling this incident.

Singapore Airlines

Oct 10, 2019

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