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Complaints & Reviews

Refund the cancel flight

I requested a refund for my flight from riyadh to cairo on 20th March because of the current situation of ( corona) and as u know all the flight should be canceled from the gaca !
Flynas refused to refund and they want to keep the money as a credit in my acount!!
I don't accept this because I am canadian and I am planning to go back to canada this summer and maybe I will not use these credits or this airline anymore!!
And this is my right to take my money back like most of the big names of the airlines doing with their clients by refunding the money !
And this situation is not an issue to discuss with the company policies it is about an urgent country issue!
I am complaining and I wish to hear from u soon before I discuss this situation with the gaca
Thank you

luggage lost

My name is mohamed Dorogam I came in the flight number XY 263 from Riyadh to Cairo, I arrived to Cairo airport. I got 4 luggage missing I going a report and still waiting, I attached with the complaint a copy from the report I did, I will stay in Cairo for this luggage, you guys miss up my hole vacation which is 10 days only
Please advise because I have another flight in 3 days
Mohamed Dorogam

luggage lost

fare reimbursement for wrong landed flight

Dear Team

As you know the flight XY329 PNR B6J4SC was landed in lucknow instead so due to my connection flight and urgently need to reach Delhi i have taken a flight frok LKO to Delhi.

So requesting you to reimburse the same.
Attaching ticket for your reference.

Kindly let me know at earliest for the same as i have reached back to Dubai today thats why i am sending the request late.

Anshul ranjan

fare reimbursement for wrong landed flight

non refund missed flight


I have showed up at Cairo airport at 10:40 AM about an hour before the flight time. And the counter employee rejected to issue my boarding pass even after getting approval from custom officer, also I have called the customer service number after about 15 mins of negotiations with the counter employee and custom officer but I have a disappointing results.
I had experienced a disappointing situation where there are no way of support or finding a suitable solution for me which results in booking another flight in the same day which costed a lot of money and effort as I have found no direct flights to my destination and spending about 25 hours in transit.

How can I refund and what is the correct procedure?

my luggage damage

Dear Sir,

Please be informed that my complaint number is DMMXY 11688 and tagging luggage number XY0593796225 madinah to dammam due to my beg damage and until now no feedback from Flynas management.

Fyi, Ill attached herewith are copies of my receipt flight and luggage tags for your reference and perusal.

Thank You,


my luggage damage
my luggage damage
my luggage damage
my luggage damage

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fraudulent physical and financial loss

My name is Bahaa Eldin ElBannani.Iam an Australian 64 years old man returning from Hajj. I was due to leave Jeddah on 19/8/2019 flight XY 567 at 18:50. I checked my 2 luggage through and was issued a boarding pass awaiting to board my flight.A few minutes later I was asked to see the same man from the checking in counter who explained to me that I was being given someone else's boarding pass by mistake. I did not mind his mistake and returned the boarding pass peacefully. I then asked him to issue me another one and that's when he told me that my flight was cancelled due to no information on my booking datails. I showed him my booking itinerary and he insisted that my Agent has cancelled the flight and that I will not be able to board this flight.i mad contact with my agent who told me that this is just a hoax to give my seat to someone else However, I explained to your man that there must be away for me to board this flight that's when he told me that I must purchase a new ticket. I agreed to do so knowing how tired and frustrated I have been. He then accompanied me to the accounting department to pay the ticket cost. I offered the man at the counter to use my Credit cards to pay 1329.99 SR and after a few attempts to pay with my cards, he told me he can't use my cards for some unknowing reason which appeared to be strange for me as a have been using my cards with no problems whatsoever. He then asked me to withdraw cash from a machine to pay for my flight which I did. He provided me with a document with the amount being paid and issued me a new boarding pass.Comes the time to board the flight with the newly purchased ticket the ground staff at the counter tells me that my new ticket was also canceled as no information has been provided by the purchasing dep. I showed him what was needed to prove the purchase. I explained that I have to board this flight at any cost and that it's for them to find out what went wrong. He then told me that I will miss this flight anyway. 5 hours later he explained that the ticket was purchased with the XY employee's credit card and not with the cash I paid that's why the information did not go through your system immediately. This is fraudulent which caused me to suffer a great deal and should not be happening with a reputable airlines. One of the staff with the name Omar was able to see my suffering as my diabetes medication was not available with me as to have been sent with my luggage on the initial flight. After a struggle he was able to transfer me to SV flight 383 at 1 am on 20/8/2019. Obviously I arrived Cairo very tired and mentally exhausted without my luggage. After a day of resting I endeavoured 4 hours of waiting at the airport to collect 2 of my 3 pieces of luggage. All this suffering and heartache should have not happen due to unprofessional handling of someone. I have encountered financial and physical loss and I demand some compensation in due course.

fraudulent physical and financial loss
fraudulent physical and financial loss
fraudulent physical and financial loss
fraudulent physical and financial loss

Unable to perform online check-in

Dear Sir/Maddam,

My Name is Mohamed Nahdi. I am a regular customer for flynas.

I am not able to perform online check in for my booking E9IJQW. I called to ask why and was told that the agency who booked the flight for me did not provide my date of birth and nationality.

I am surprised that it is not possible for me to check in, because the system think I am a young passenger.

- Your system assumes if no date of birth provided then the passenger is young
- Your system is not able to update the data when I called, especially I am a regular traveller with flynas.
- The customer service team said there is nothing they can do and the only computer system that can update this info is the Flynas office at the airport which is disappointing.

I am really not satisfied with this service. If the flynas system needed such info then the system should have requested such info from the agency at the time and yet the customer can not use the online check in service.

I appreciate your support to flag this to flynas management and to prevent such issue in the future for other customers

Tel: [protected]
Email: [protected]@yahoo.co.uk

  • An
    Anil Gupta bbn Jan 19, 2020
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have book a ticket with flynas company from delhi to Riyadh and Riyadh to abha on20 december, 2019.flight had cancelled but no refund amount is given.

    Moazzam ali
    Pnr C4Z3PY
    Mo 9935253381


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baggage not deliver with same flight need compensation for additional travelling to collect baggage

Dear flynas Team, As we all are living i 21st century And it is very sad to hear that my luggage did not...

seat changed from business to economy after issuing of boarding pass

I have booked business class for my father flying from dammam to lahore.
I dropped him at the airport and got boarding pass with seat 1F on flight XY 883, 30 JUL 2019. After he went pass the immigration he was moved to economy class.
I am really distressed I booked and paid for the business class ticket for my father because of health reasons, he is 72 years old and he was made to change his seat to economy class. totally unacceptable.
My father suffered psychologically, emotionally and physically. There is no justification for this really really disappointed.

seat changed from business to economy after issuing of boarding pass

seeking refund for cancellation of flight

Dear Team,

I have booked the flight for Mr. Asif Iqbal from Dammam to Riyadh (Flynas National Air Service XY-67 | Air PNR JBLIJQ) for today. However flight was called cancelled by the Airlines due to some technical issues.

The tickets were booked through Ixigo App and they routed to Cheap tickets

As this was a business trip, so his return was booked for same day evening which means that ticket also required to be cancelled and by all logical means if the first flight is itself not boarded then how the return journey will commence.

Though that's a complete failure by Flynas as they couldn't arrange another alternative and at the end we had to reschedule the meeting with our potential customer.

With this, without escalating things further request you to refund me my complete amount with an immediate effect.

Regards, Shahzeb

seeking refund for cancellation of flight
seeking refund for cancellation of flight

flight xy60

The flight XY60 Jed to Ryd was supposed to depart at 21:00 hrs, I have received no information on the flight status yet. It's already 9:25. The screen shows the flight is on time. When I asked the ground staff about it he very rudely answered to wait for announcement. This is the second time I'm facing such issue with flynas in a short period.
Flight get delayed sometimes but there should information and announcements about it which flynas clearly fails at. Also the attitude of ground staff is beyond acceptable.

trying to cancel a booking

I booked a ticket Riyadh - Abu Dhabi on the 27th May 2019 Return 30 May 2019 For issues regarding the visa I...

forcing to cancel my flight ticket

Dear Concern, I am Sabit Hasan, I have booked a ticket from Flynas with the Booking Reference# U5B7YY but...

lost airpods in flight

I travel with flynas from Hyderabad to RiYadh with flynas flight number XY326 on 05-May-2019 and seat number was 6E.
I lodge complaint once I realize that i lost my airpods in flight, there i have been informed to wait but after waiting for 2 hours the response was they did not find and the same flight is departing shortly to another destination so we cannot help you.

air hostess behaviour very bad

I have been booked a flight with flynas from Gizan to islamabad from gizan to Riyadh i fly in domastic flight...


I booked a ticket from ecn (ercan airport north cyprus) to islamabad that was connected flight from sabiha...

lost my ipad

I flight through flynas from cairo to kuwait Our 1st leg to jeddah 566 on 28th february, I forgot my I pad...

credit for cancelled flight - ref n4tnyi

In reference to your message informing us that you cancelled the flight no XY584 [AUG 22] and as per our...

ticket cancellation and delay on refund

I have booked a flight on flynas website on June 04 with confirmation number : XY41TJ after 1 month of the...

bag/luggage issue

Asslamualikum, Here is Muhammad Qadeer. I was travel with Flynas (XY73 & XY317) on 12th June-2018. My...