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Singapore Airlinesmy flight

My husband, Mark [censored]enblat, has been a Krisflyer member for many years and we fly Singapore airlines every year when we travel. We always pay extra for exit row seats. The Krisflyer number is [protected].
As we disembarked from our flight from London to Singapore, we asked if we could have some help by buggy to take us to the Transit Lounge as I had a sore ankle, and, as a result my husband needed help with the luggage. Our next flight was from Singapore to Melbourne( SQ227) . The ground staff were very supportive and actually arranged wheelchairs for us, which made us uncomfortable but we were grateful for the help. At no time did anyone suggest to us that we would not be able to sit in the Exit row seats. However when we were ready to get on our flight to Melbourne we were told that we could no longer sit in the exit row. We were placed in a row of four people and the crew on the flight were not interested in helping us. There were plenty of seats in business class and when I suggested that we could sit there, we were ignored.
I do understand that because of my sore ankle, we were unable to be in the Exit Row- however nobody had warned me of this and we had paid extra for these seats.
We are loyal to Singapore Airlines and I am hoping that you can compensate us for this unpleasant experience. We were squashed in to a row of 4 which we always avoid.
I look forward to hearing from you
Hannah [censored]enblat

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    Singapore Airlinessq7395 noise night (freight) flight 03:00 am local time waking up everyone

    Unlike apartment buildings in Singapore, houses in the village where I live (, 5.2219226, 17z) usually are not well noise-insulated as there was no need for that when they were built 70 to 100 years ago.

    As a rule, there are no night flights on Amsterdam Airport (Schiphol) during the night. Schiphol Airport is at some 45 Km distance from my home.

    However, every now and then this Singapore Airlines freight flight comes blasting over our village in the dead of night. It's an old 747, loaded to the max weight, with screaming engines as it is climbing to higher altitude. It is impossible not to wake up with such a noise level. I can hear the neighbour coughing, so they are awake too. I can't fall asleep anymore so I got up to write this complaint.

    Probably thousands of people were woken up (at 03:00 AM!) along the route.

    Why is it necessary to fly with such a noisy plane in the dead of night over a densly populated area? Earning a profit at the expense of thousands of people?

    sq7395 noise night (freight) flight 03:00 am local time waking up everyone

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      Singapore Airlineschanged seats without notice, no audio or tv for over 3hrs on 1st flight and no audio for 15hr flight (2nd flight) from singapore to paris

      Gary mcfadden
      booking reference= oxvt45
      flight no = sq 266
      seat no 53c
      flight delayed
      no audio for over 3hrs after complaining
      eventually got moved to another seat

      gary mcfadden
      booking reference=oxvt45
      flight no=sq 334
      seat no 41c
      due to 1st flight being delayed, i ran to my connecting flight from singapore to paris
      was notified my seat had been changed only at the boarding gate
      i complained straight away when i seen my new seat (on the aisle getting bumped by trolleys across from the baby changing seats)
      sat for the whole flight with no audio whotsoever(15 hrs)
      i would never have boarded this flight if i knew my new seat
      i am due to fly with klm and singapore airlines 20/12/2019 from glasgow to brisbane (booking made by my friend)and i am not looking forward to my singapore airlines flight from singapore to brisbane and back to singapore.

      My email address is [protected]@live.Co.Uk

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        Singapore Airlinesbad attitude with zero follow-up

        Complaint Letter to Scoot


        I'm writing this to show displeasure in the flight arrangement by Scoot.

        Place of travel: Osaka, Japan

        Original Period of travel:
        27th Apr - 12th May 2019
        Return flight: TR701
        12th May; Osaka 16:00 —> 12th May; SG 21:25

        Revised by Scoot:
        27th Apr - 14th May 2019
        13th May; Osaka 19:35 —> 14th May, SG 01:00

        To summarize, I first booked the flight from SG to Osaka on 6th Jan 2019. From then till 25th April, there were 5 different emails indicating that there will be a rescheduling of flight on my return trip. We didn't make any changes because the take-off date was still on 12th May despite at a later timing. During this period of time, there were a lot of reports on Scoot flights having delays. However, we trust that Scoot is a responsible airline, and should anything happens, they will be able to deal with it professionally with necessary compensation. However, on the eve of my departure, I saw an sms indicating that my return flight has been rescheduled again! However, instead of providing a flight at a timing that I booked it at, Scoot gave me a much earlier timing in the morning but this flight is provided by SIA and not Scoot.

        Below was the sms that has been sent on the eve of my departure:
        S9U15D. Important info abt yr upcoming TR867 KIX-SIN flt has been sent to yr registered email addr. Contact our Call Centre if you have any queries.

        Seeing the above message from Scoot, I rushed to call Scoot helpline to ask for assistance. I started calling at 10:00, which I was finally connected to an operator 30-40min later. I spoke to Donna and indicated that I need help with another flight arrangement as I will only fly in from Sapporo an hour before take-off for the return flight. Thus, I need another flight arrangement on 12th May. However, Donna said that there's nothing she could do to arrange any other flight back on 12th May. At this time, I was desperate. I needed to know what are the options that were opened and by this 6pm, I've already spoken to 3 other operators by evening. Some promised to call me back to follow up but NO ONE did that. The only "options" they gave were the following:
        1. Cancel the flight and receive money back
        2. Cancel the flight and receive Scoot dollars in 120%
        3. Reschedule of flight for free within 7 days

        Seriously, these are NOT options for me simply because I can't choose them only on the eve of my trip. I've already booked the hotel and transport for the whole trip and who will refund me if I decided to cancel the trip?
        Also how do I reschedule my trip when I'm only flying in to Osaka from Sapporo on 12th May morning.

        The last person I spoke to was one of the escalation manager, Eunice Soh. I asked her on what options were open for us but she could come up with nothing. Thus, I had to come up with some options for Scoot to follow-up on, it's ridiculous for us to be left stranded when Scoot was the one who introduced a change that I can't accept. In the end I had to come up with proposals of my own.
        First, I asked for the counter to remain open for at least 30-45min. Reason being that we will fly into Osaka and land only at 09:55, if the counter can remain open and make sure that we can check-in successfully then that will be great, but I need that assurance from Scoot. Because the SIA flight given was supposed to take off at 10:55, I'm not certain that I could make it with no hiccups from the domestic flight.
        Secondly, I asked for special arrangement to pick us up from the domestic terminal to the international terminal. I believe these 2 options were quite reasonably. Thirdly, I found from the SIA website, I found that they have another flight taking off at 17:35, which was just an hour shy from my original flight. This will be the best arrangement for us. Of course, if Scoot cannot go through with these 3 proposals by me then they ought to come up with a reasonable proposal that will not delay my departure date. I felt strongly that I should be given what I've signed up for.

        Eunice also felt that it was fair to accede to our requests because she also agreed that Scoot did make changes to my flight and she also promised to call me on 26th May morning before my departure between 08:00-10:00. On my day of departure, I didn't get a call by 10:00, thus, I called into the customer service again and I waited for 30min before I got to speak to Nana, who also promised to follow-up and make sure I get a follow-up call on the progress and options that are open to us by Monday, 28th April 2019, else there should be an email follow-up. Again, we waited anxiously in Osaka but no calls were made on 28th April. I had no choice but to send a complaint email on 29th April 2019.

        And I received an email the next day:
        Dear Ms Wong,

        Thank you for taking the time writing to us.

        We refer to your submission received through our Online Feedback Form.

        We would like to extend our sincere apology for the inconvenience caused.

        We know that punctuality is very important to our passengers. 

        We would like to inform you that from time to time we do have to make changes to our flight schedule for various reasons. Unfortunately, changes do occur but we wish to assure you that we will continue to work hard to keep them to a minimum.  

        As explained in article 09 of our Conditions of Carriage, in the event the changes cause the flight to depart more than three (3) hours before or after the scheduled departure time, the passenger may choose from several options. 

        Upon review of your booking reservation, your flight has been changed to  SQ charter flight.

        Your concern has already been escalated to our relevant department and is currently under review.

        We will be in contact with you in the following days.

        We apologise if our service on this occasion did not meet your expectation.
        Thank you for choosing Scoot and we look forward to another opportunity to serve you.

        Yours sincerely,

        Maphil Cevin
        Customer Support Representative
on behalf of Scoot

        But sadly, no one called to follow up. Not knowing when is our return flight, I had to get my friend to call Scoot several times before Eunice finally gave me a call on 2nd May 2019. By now I've gotten really frustrated at the lack of follow-up. I'm surprised that Scoot expects me to call from overseas to amend an issue that Scoot has created. I expect to be compensated for the overseas charges.
        Disappointed with the lack of sincerity from Scoot, I expected Eunice to tell me the follow-up on the options that were open to us to choose but she called to just inform me that nothing has progressed yet. Seriously, this is unbelievable! Fancy calling me to tell me that nothing has progressed, nothing was follow-up and nothing has been checked. And I was still waiting patiently on the phone when she went on to describe how irresponsible Scoot has been during this entire time.
        In the end, an unbelievable news was delivered that Scoot cannot do anything on their side and they have NO proposals so it's a take-it-or-leave-it attitude on the change of flight to arrive in SG on 14th May 2019. By this time, we were all weary and distressed from having to deal with such depressing news. The whole time we were the only ones making the contributions on ideas and coming up with proposals to work around. I totally understand that there could be issues with flight scheduling but for Scoot to come up with no proposals from the start till the end was ridiculous. So, resigned to our unfortunate predicament, I asked that we be compensated for the least, to at least upgrade to a better seating, as the time to arrive in SG is in wee hours and I doubt there's much passengers on the flight. That, which was really the last request, was even turned down. I explained that I've got an elderly and pregnant lady travelling with me and having to travel at such unearthly timing back to SG will take a tool on them. But without much consideration from the manager on the other line, the request was flat out dismissed.

        To be frank, this is not my first time on a budget airline. I've taken Tigerair, Jetstar and Airasia. There were changes on their flight schedules as well but none that will compare to a delay of 2 days arrival at its destination. At least, they were willing to listen and come up with some proposals that are viable, one that I feel I can still choose despite the lack of options, unlike my brush with Scoot. Although there has been many news reports on the ill treatment of Scoot to their passengers but I never thought that I will be one of them to go through such an unhappy experience. For Scoot, maybe a 2 days of annual leave means nothing but to us working adults, annual leave is a scarcity which we will use with caution, not use them carelessly because an airline can not deliver what I've signed up for.
        Scoot will never, ever, be a choice of my airline again.

        Disappointed beyond words,


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          Singapore Airlineschange of seat on flight without notice or refund

          Booking Reference RPFBX4
          Passenger Susan Parker
          Flying from Heathrow 4th May 2019 to Singapore, Singapore to Bali
          Flying from Bali 19th May 2019 to Singapore to Heathrow

          Flight Number SQ938 from Singapore to Bali
          The seat was changed without prior notice and no refund has been received

          Flight Number SQ947 from Bali to Singapore
          The seat was changed without prior notice and no refund has been received

          Flight Number SQ322 from Singapore to Heathrow
          The seat was changed without prior notice and no refund has been received

          When checking in on our return journey, we advised check in that there must of been a mistake on the seat allocation, as exit seats were booked and paid for (ticket number [protected]) but was advised as the flight was full, nothing could be done. This caused much distress and discomfort on the return journey.

          Special assistance was requested for Susan Parker for transportation to and from the gates only (long distance only). The tour operator was advised of this and therefore no changes should of been made to the seat allocation as Susan Parker is fully capable to operate the exit doors if required.

          Please arrange for a full refund of the extra costs to upgrade the seats to extra leg room, and compensation for the inconvenience and lack of communication.

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            Singapore Airlinesticketing

            Booking: WVN9NI

            I made this booking months ago. when I did I was told i could change the date by paying a fee of 100 dollars. I now need to do so. Howver, despite a lengthy back and forth with several people in your KL office an then, in frustration, several telephone conversations with someone in Singapore that were equally unfruitful, i remain without a slution. I have been told that, in essence, there is no way for me to change the date of my flight without paying an additional fee that far exceeds the price of the original ticket. this is a clear case of bait and switch. Please explain to me what you can do to solve this problem. the alternative is for me to burn the return leg and buy a one way ticket instead, which is absurd.

            thank you.

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              Singapore Airlinesassistance was not provided

              My parents (senior citizens) were traveling from Ind to Aus on 20.05.19 and assistance was arranged when the tickets were issued. But when requested for assistance at the airport, the airport authorities denied giving assistance and advised that we haven't booked for the same. More over, the Singapore airport/airline authorities were rude on our parents who then got stuck to find the correct gate.

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                Singapore Airlinessq customer service at guanzhou baiyun intl terminal 2 sucks!

                My flight back to Singapore from Guangzhou was supposed to be on 21/05/19 via SQ851.

                I was at the SQ check-in counter at 1235PM. There was also another female passenger in front of me at the same counter who had just completed her check-in & was leaving the counter. Of the entire row of check-in counters, only 1 counter was opened & only 2 service crew were assigned to handle check-in matters & they were the one who attended to the female passenger in front of me.

                After the female passenger left, these 2 service crew (1 of them had a SQ badge on her uniform) told me that the SQ check-in counter was already closed & they were unable to process my check-in.

                I was shocked to hear this & asked about the female passenger who was in front of me earlier why is it that she was allowed to do check-in but not me? The service crew replied with the excuse that the female passenger earlier was actually doing check-in for Thai Airways.

                REALLY??? For Thai Airways? Is the service crew trying to smoke KrisFlyer Members?
                How & Why is it that Thai Airways passengers can do check-in at SQ counters?
                How & Why is it that SQ service crew can process check-in for Thai Airway passengers but not for their KrisFlyer passengers?

                If the female passenger ahead of me was really doing check-in for Thai Airways, how is it possible that she was the one & only Thai Airways passenger & out of the entire check-in counters only 1 check-in counter was opened with only 2 service crew assigned for check-in matters?

                Check-in counters for Thai Airways are usually swamped with passengers with lots of check-in counters opened to cater to the large numbers of Thai Airway passengers but on 21/05/19 only 1 counter was opened for check-in & only 2 service crew assigned with 1 crew spotting a SQ badge on her uniform serving a Thai Airway passenger?

                Did the service crew think that I was too blind to spot her SQ badge & serving a Thai Airways passenger as she claimed to be but yet counter closed for SQ passenger?

                I even requested that if my luggage cannot go on board at the same time it is ok but at least just check me in & let me go on my scheduled flight back to Singapore. However, my request was totally denied by these 2 service crew. I was told that I need to top up additional fees to SQ in order to catch the next flight home the following day. Which also means I have to stay in China for an extra night incurring extra hotel charges.

                In all my 30 years of travelling, I have never experience such BAD service. I was not late at the check-in counter but yet denied check-in. And yet the SQ crew can tell me the lady in front of me was doing check-in for Thai Airways?

                How can SQ crew spin such a big lie without even batting an eyelid?

                As we all know, SQ was ranked the NUMBER 1 BEST AIRLINE IN THE WORLD for Year 2019 but with the BAD service I received on 21/05/2019, is SQ living up to its Number 1 title?

                Does SQ deserve this Number 1 ranking at all?
                Is this how SQ train their service crew?
                Or are China SQ service crew trained a different way to handle SQ's KrisFlyer Members? Without compassion & lying right under their KrisFlyer members' nose?
                Is this how SQ treat your KrisFlyer members?

                I have been flying with SQ at least once or twice a month for many years. I was totally disappointed with the treatment received as your KrisFlyer Frequent Flyer.

                I was not late for check-in but the service crew refused to process my check-in. I was even told that had to top up for the next available flight home the next day.

                In the end, instead of incurring extra hotel charges & topping up charges to SQ for the next flight home, I got myself a cheaper fight & return to Singapore on the same day 21/05/19.

                This BAD & DISSAPPOINTING service is totally unacceptable. Not when SQ was voted BEST AIRLINE IN THE WORLD for 2019. This is such a joke!

                I will not be flying with SQ again nor recommend SQ to anyone ever again.

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                  Singapore Airlinesabout customer of singapore airlines

                  On 15th of may 2019 I was travelling from Singapore to Melbourne SQ207 . My seat was 44j . In front of me there was 2 Bangladeshi traveller. They don't know English so I'm from Bangladesh too. I was trying to help them... I think the cabin crew knows how hard it was for themwhen theydidn't understand now not a single sencentce when they were telling something. Because of that one Chinese lady seat no. Was 45E she was very rude with me. When we were getting out from the plane those Bangladeshi people asked me something for that it was 30sec to 1 minutes delay to get out from the plane. For that the Chinese lady seat no. 45E and another guybehind that lady probably OZ used very offensive language. This type attitude from Singapore airlines passenger not acceptable. U should banned those type of person from this airlines. I travelled near about 10 times from this airlines but never happened like that. It make me really sad. I always prefer this airlines to avoid this type of thing If you need to contact with me plz call below that no.
                  [protected] or email
                  Najnin akter
                  Flight no. SQ207
                  Sin to Melbourne
                  15 may 2019
                  If u do not resolved this matter i"ll never travel through this airlines.

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                    Singapore Airlinesmisinformed and unable to rectify the problem caused.

                    Dear Customer Service,
                    On the 23rd April 2019 I phoned your ticketing/reservation enquiries on 13 10 11, at approximately 19.00 hours.
                    I was enquiring about my flight SQ0224 and SQ0223 booked with yourselves through agents, as advised by PILOT PARTNERS CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS. I was enquiring whether my flights were still valid as I had just found out that had gone into administration and this is the action they requested.
                    Your employee informed me that there were no bookings in my name to fly with Singapore Airlines on the flight mentioned so I contacted my financial institution to request a refund for our
                    Because I needed new flights on the same dates I booked 8 new flights with Singapore Airlines, through Scoot, at an additional cost of $3130.16, before my refund had been issued.
                    At my banks request I then contacted you on the 8th May to request a letter confirming the tickets had not been issued.
                    This time your employee informed me that the tickets are still valid.
                    I now have the situation where you are unable to refund my Singapore Airline tickets, as does not exist. And you are unwilling to refund my Scoot tickets, due to 'company policy'.

                    My complaint, which I expect to be resolved swiftly, is that you have misinformed me about my flights which I booked with you for $2276.40 on flights SQ0224 ans SQ0223. You have then allowed me to book new tickets, at a cost of $3130.16 on flights TR9 and TR8, through SCOOT, which is the budget airline operated by Singapore Airlines.
                    You are then unable to issue me with a letter to say that the flights had been cancelled, due to your misinformation and I am left with 8 tickets for my family to fly on the dame dates.
                    I would like this issue resolved, either with a refund for the initial flights booked or a refund for the second set of flights that I was informed I needed, unnecessarily.
                    I understand that you operate as two separate businesses but you are owned by the same company and I expect that you can resolve this issue promptly.
                    I have informed my financial institution and they are also awaiting your reply,
                    Yours sincerely,
                    Mr Mark Bosworth

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                      Singapore Airlinesmy seating

                      We were on Flight SQ222 to Singapore on Thusday 9th May and we had peviously booked 33h and 33k in Premium Economy Class and we we allocated these a long time ago. When we checked in were given 33d and 33e seats in the middle of the plane and these were not what we had paid for. This also happened on the next Flight SQ026 to Frankfurt. I was very disappointed with this a me and my wife had 2 very uncomfortable flights. My wife suffers from very bad anxiety and thats why our travel agent booked the certain seats. We have also booked the same seats on our return flights. SQ325 4th June Frankfurt to Singapore and also SQ221 5th June SQ221 Sigapore to Sydney. I really hope this doesnt happen again.
                      Daryl Tonks
                      Sharon Tonks

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                        Singapore Airlinesluggage missing

                        I flied from hcmc to surabaya on apr 20 via singapore. But my luggage was not arrived with the flight. I have to buy cloth in surabaya.
                        Ticket no. [protected]
                        Flight details:
                        Sq177 hcmc to singapore
                        Mi 226 from singapore to surabaya

                        I would like to know how u will compensate.

                        My contact email is weibin. [protected]
                        Cell: 001-[protected]

                        Weibin he

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                          • Updated by weibin · May 03, 2019

                            I flied from HCMC to Surabaya on Apr 20 via Singapore. but my luggage was not arrived with the flight. I have to buy cloth in Surabaya.
                            ticket No. [protected]
                            flight details:
                            sq177 HCMC to Singapore
                            MI 226 from Singapore to Surabaya

                            I would like to know how u will compensate.

                            my contact email is [email protected]
                            cell: 001-[protected]

                            Weibin He

                          Singapore Airlinesonboard service

                          My mother, Irene Samson Cardin who is 62 years old took SQ422 Sin-Bom sector on 1st May, seated at 41J was missed out during breakfast service and mind you she was wide awake. Whereas the male passengers to her left and right (younger than her) were served meal. The crew with meal cart after serving 41K went ahead as if 41J was invisible, I know how the meal service is done on Indian flights with veg meal cart going 1st followed by the other choices, whatever is the meal flow the crew are supposed to back track every 4-5 rows. After waiting for almost an hour my mom asked the crew if she is entitled to a meal on her ticket, thats when the crew realised that they missed a passenger. The crew started giving a safe and most used excuse "she was asleep so thought of not disturbing her" (ample of passengers around her to vouch she wasn't asleep). The crew started with their service recovery of offering her meal but do you think she or anyone will have any appetite left to eat after going through this ordeal. According to me the damage was done and too late to fix it. You know what upsets me that I booked an SQ ticket, I could have bought a cheaper ticket on other budget airlines but I wanted my mother who is old and travelling alone to have a smooth flight without any hiccups. Next time I will think twice before taking an SQ flight. Sad to say I am very disappointed.

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                            Singapore Airlinesbaggage damage

                            My case was damaged on two corners on my flight from Milan Malpensa to Singapore which arrived this morning. My case had a cloth cover so I did not notice the damage at the airport. I attach photos of the damage and my boarding pass. The case is relatively new and cost approximately 250 euro (Delsey carbon).
                            Please inform me of the compensation you will offer me.
                            Jennifer Martin

                            baggage damage
                            baggage damage
                            baggage damage
                            baggage damage

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                              Singapore Airlinesin flight food service

                              My wife & myself travelled on SQ609 from Seoul to Singapore on 26th Apr 2019. We were seated on 70B & 70C. We are surprised to know that by the time the stewardess served us we were told there is no more chicken meal & only beef meal is available. We told them we don't take beef but they said they don't have anymore chicken meal. This is not acceptable as we were seated at the end of the aircraft so by the time we were served the meal the choices are not available, how can the customer seated at the end of the aircraft be penalized for choice of meals not available. We are really very disappointed by this type of service from SQ. We have never encountered such lousy service on other airlines we travelled on. Hope you can provide a good explanation. Thank you.


                              in flight food service

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                                Singapore Airlinesscalded by hot coffee on board sq 106 on 24 april 2019

                                Hi, I would like to make a complaint on my trip to Kl from singapore on 24 April 2019 onboard SQ106. I had an horrible experience for the first time after flying with SQ for a Long time. During drink service, I asked for hot coffee and water. My tray table was slightly slunted and Stewardess should be more vigilant during service time. She left my coffee on the table without waiting for me to receive it and turn to talk to other passenger. Hence it slides down and spilled on my pant and was soaked with hot coffee, wet and stinky. Both my inner thigh was scalded and painful with redness.
                                I was scheduled for business meeting the moment I land. Unfortunately I have to get new attire to change and get the pant for dryclean. Went to see doc n get my skin treated. The pain lasted throughout the whole day and I have to be on painkiller.
                                I was terribly disappointed with such carelessness and their service onboard. My whole seat was soaked with coffee too and all I was offered is putting a blanket over for me to sat on. After the whole incident, I have to even ask for a glass of water myself because I didn't even get to have my coffee. I even had to ask for some burn cream from their first aid kit coz the crew didn't even offer thinking it was no big deal. My skin was terribly painful scalded when I went to plane toilet to check.
                                Before I left they gave me a pack of ice.
                                It ruined my entire day, my meetings schedules and causes discomfort of pain.
                                I do hope SQ will provide action and advice on the loss and pain I'm going through ruining my business trip. I do seek for compensation for all the losses. This case should not be taken lightly. Hope to hear from you soonest.

                                You can reach me at+[protected]

                                Thank you

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                                  Singapore Airlinesredemption of air tickets

                                  It was a very unpleasant experience with the Singapore Airline - Krisflyer program which handling my redemption of my air-tickets by using mileage on 27/3/19. My payment of the airport taxes and fuel fee was unable to go through during the booking resulted the tickets were pending for issuing.
                                  Called up the hot-line, they assisted to make the payment but was no avail either. I requested for the reason and I was told that my account was under audit which was the first time I had ever heard of.
                                  First, the officer needed me to email Krisflyer to send my passport details page and the statement of my mileage redemption from the bank to prove my mileage conversion was genuine which was strange to me. I followed as instructed and called the bank immediately to ask for the statement but the bank replied there was no statement for mileage redemption, however they could help me to write a letter to testify. After waiting for more than a week, the letter arrived and I forwarded to Krisflyer document department.
                                  But till today, I did not receive a single reply from the document department whether have they received the letter nor notified me the outcome until I called them recently for waiting more than 3 weeks. I have been waiting patiently, but the issue is still not settled since 27/3/19.
                                  This round, the reason given was I am still unable to make payment, it is due to the nominees are having the same email address as my account hence my account was under audit. Why didn't the officer told me earlier that the reason was lied on the same email addresses hence I did not have to waste time to liaise with bank and wasted time on waiting? Which made me go crazy was the first officer which called me was able to assist me to amend my husband and daughters' email address over the phone but the next day another officer claimed that he needed an authorization letter from my old aged mother who was illiterate to send them an email to authorize the change of email? How many times of email do I need to send? Why is the procedure so inconsistent and what is the point of making such a big fuss?
                                  The whole process made me feel very frustrated, unwelcome and uncomfortable. And the redemption of my mileage seemed like becoming such a difficult procedure. The officers took such a long time to follow up and it delayed all my plans and other bookings. They have no sense of urgency and put you on hold for long time on every question that they could not answer. I doubt the officers are proper trained to handle the situations. They promised will call back but did not. I was told a note was left that I was unreachable but the actual fact was I had no missed calls from SQ hot line.
                                  It made me feel that Singapore Airline is so unwilling to let member to redeem the mileage that they have accumulated. I will reconsider whether to fly SQ and will I still be keen in this Krisflyer programme in future.
                                  You can see such a simple booking and straight forward payment stuff, Krisflyer could make it so messy and complicated!
                                  What is the point of having the mileage points that which could not be redeemed? More than three weeks of waiting, if I did not call up I reckon it will be even a longer wait, do you regard yourself as a first class air line for handling a simple redemption? I think there is still room for improvement!

                                  Unhappy and frustrated customer

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                                    Singapore Airlinesfailure to notify of booking cancellation by bestjet

                                    Craig and Kylie Solberg
                                    Flights SQ232 Syd - Sin, SQ452 Sin - Mle, 22 March 2019 1215
                                    Flights SQ451 Mle - Sin, SQ288 Sin - Syd, 9 April 2019 2325

                                    My husband and I booked tickets for 1215 22 March 2019 on SQ232 Sydney to Singapore, and SQ451 Singapore to Male via Bestjet last November, who as you know are now in receivership. I was not aware of this until, en route to Sydney on 21 March 2019 I called Singapore Airlines to confirm my booking and they advised that we were not booked on those flights, nor on the return flights.
                                    I was told by Singapore Airlines that they could see the booking had been made however then cancelled by Bestjet. Bestjet did not call, email, or advise us in any way that they were cancelling our flights, nor did they send a refund. In addition, considering the folding of the company Bestjet, Singapore Airlines did nothing in the way of contacting us to advise of the cancellation and the need to rebook.
                                    I was asked to send a copy of the tax receipt to you immediately for consideration, which I did, however was not contacted back when promised. I called again and had to go through the whole thing with someone else who just told us that our flights had been cancelled and we had to rebook.
                                    I requested to speak to a supervisor, who was understanding, however we had to pay an extra $1500 in flights to what we originally paid, with no upgrade or offer to match Bestjet's original price. We are now out of pocket $3, 500.
                                    I am disappointed with Singapore Airlines with their failure to notify passengers of the Bestjet collapse. In our case, they had 3 months to advise us before our flight. I would like to be refunded the original cost of the flights through Bestjet of $1929.97. Please contact me on the below number if required.
                                    Kind regards,
                                    Kylie Solberg

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                                      Singapore Airlinescabin crew service

                                      Dear PIC,

                                      I'm a passenger [protected] krissflyer member (ex PPS member)
                                      When I travel from Seoul to Singapore on 21/3/19 by SQ 609 time 04:05pm, seat no 70C, 70B, 69B and C is my family members
                                      I'm very disappointed with the service by your crew member, when they started to distribute the snack they forget to serve us, we got to request for it
                                      When they started serving Dinner, they even forget to serve us water, coffee or tea ( forget to ask too)
                                      We ask for it and yet they forget again!
                                      We only have our beverage when they start clearing other ppl food tray !
                                      Is kind of disappointed wt the service standard ( FYI we r 2 adults, one 7 yrs old and 12 yrs old girl on this flight)
                                      Thank you !

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                                        Singapore Airlineschange of aircraft, now 11 hours delay in singapore airport

                                        Booked 2 premium economy plus extra legroom 6 months ago now get a email stating change of aircraft so we have been moved from premium economy with extra legroom to economy but we will receive a refund for the extra legroom that we paid for but not for the extra money we paid for premium economy??? Rang and was advised that the aircraft that was changed to didn't have premium economy ...even though the internet stated differently. If we wanted premium economy the next flight we had to wait in Singapore airport for 11 hours. Absolutely rude to expect people who have paid extra for premium economy to just go in economy and not receive a refund. I argued for weeks and finally have received accom in the airport for 6 hours but we still have 5 more hours to wait. For total inconvenience we should have at least been given access to the lounge as this was no fault of our own and why should we be out of pocket for anything. Extremely poor customer service from Singapore Airlines and will never ever fly with them again. Absolutely disgusting and I have and will continue to tell everyone to avoid flying with them.

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