Shoppers Drug Martservice complaint. unable to return item

M Jun 09, 2019 Review updated:

Service complaint. Wife is in emergency and her iPad was low on power. Went to you store closed to the Barrie, ON hospital because it is Sunday evening an hospital store are closed. The way Apple packages their product it is impossible to inspect or really see the full product. Of course at this time I have a heighten emotional state. I purchase the lock in product for over $40.00. Drive back to emergency and in the parking lot I open the packaging to place the charger cable into my pack. At this time, I now notice the end I expected to be a USB connection is not. Therefore this product is not of any value to me. I return to the store to get my money return and I am informed store policy restricts refunds on opened packages. It's a charging cable and I have returned to the store within 20 minutes of purchasing the item. To add, I am discussing the return with the same person I purchased it from. Now I have a real heart ache for this form of blanket policy. I will look for a common sense store with better values and ethics.


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