Shoppers Drug Martscanning code of practice

Bentley one month ago I purchased an item at the store. The shelf sale tag told me it was $4.99. When I got to the front it's scanned at $7.99. When I mentioned the scanning code of practice in Ontario they told me it was not applicable in this case because the tag that had been left was from last week. I work in retail and I know that any advertised price, regardless of the date on the tag is applicable to the scanning code of practice. it is not the job of the consumer to look at the date on the tag it is the job of the store to ensure the tag was taken down.

I had no idea. I waited to speak to the owner couple of weeks later and she reiterated the same thing insisting that shoppers drug Mart loss prevention told them that the date on the tag was expired therefore didn't apply.

Before I go any further up the chain I wanted to find out from you exactly what it is you're scanning code of practice is. There shouldn't be a question about it it should be the one that's advertised.

Aug 19, 2019

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