Shoppers Drug Martproblem with pharmacist

I am totally ticked off right now. I work 60 hours a week, I have one day off to do errands, and I feel I wasted my time going to Shoppers Drug mart in Pembroke. I was trying to buy an over the counter medication me and my husband has been buying for 30 years, and he would not sell it to me because I didn't have a list of the medications we are on. We have been on the same medications for 30 or more years now. He said the reason was he wanted to make sure there was not a bad interaction with what we were on. I told him how long we have been taking it for and never had a bad reaction but he didn't care. It should be up to me what I put in my body not the pharmacist. I have been buying the medication at that location for years, and have never been asked that question, by any other pharmacist there. I live an hours drive away also, so when he asked if it would be ok if I came back with my list of meds we were on, I said it is not ok with me since I live so far away, and he still would not sell me what I was asking for. It was a freaking over the counter medication, not a prescription for god's sake!! The guys name was Eric by the way, I want this guy spoken to or even fired, he acted like he was a doctor or something, all high and mighty, which ticked me off even more. Since when is a pharmacist more informed about my personal body than my own doctor? To me this a violation of my rights and freedoms. I will never shop at any shoppers drug mart store ever again, I don't care if they are giving everything away for free, I will also be telling anyone I know or run into never to shop there either!

Sep 05, 2019

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