Shoppers Drug Martcashier giving hard time to customers, and verbally abusing and making fun of them

On August 29, 2019 I went to Shoppes Drug Mart to buy milk for my 3 school going kids.

I bought 15 bags of 2% milk which I buy once a month. I put 4-5 bags in the fridge and the rest of the bags I freeze them and use them by defrosting them as needed as I dont have time to go to the store frequently. I have been buying this milk every month for years and all the employes knows me and they dont have problem with me except one employee whose name is JENNEFER.

When I went to pay for the milk Ms. Jennefer said that that she can not sell me 15 bags of milk as she in her own openion think that I have a business and I am going to sell it. She called the supervisor who knew that I buy milk once every month and allowed the sale. It is very disappointing for me that even after the sale Ms. Jennefer started making fun of me by saying loud in front of all the customers in line that milk is for the people and not for the business and selling it again. I felt humilated that how come a shoppers drug mart cashier could make a false blame on me and making fun of me in front of all the customers. May be I should stop going to this Shoppers Drug Mart because of this particular employee. I had the similar incident with this same employee more than a year ago and I complained to the store manager about it but nothing happened. In my openion if she is so dear to the store then I should stop going to this store or she should be transfered to a sifferent store. God help the standards of Shoppers Drug Mart.

Aug 29, 2019

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