Shoppers Drug Martservice


Yesterday i bought a logitech mouse at shoppers which located at rutherford plaza and i would like to return because I change my mind to get a wireless mouse so I went to the nearest shoppers store which located at center point mall. The manager and salesperson told me I did not use the same credit card when I purchased it yesterday and also they do not have the same product so I need to go back to the store where I bought it. That makes me no sense since I was advised that I could return it any shoppers drug mart. First of all I used the same credit card and it printed differntly on the receipt and they couldve sold out the item that I had. They were both using unpleasant voice tone while having conversation. I was treated so bad and it made me not to go back to that lacation.
I just want to confirm what the policy is about returning items and they were treating me as if I was tryint to cheat on my purchase.


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