Shoppers Drug Mart (Rylander and Kingston Rd)service (poor and disturbing)

L Aug 04, 2018

Saturday August 4/18 (circa 2pm)

Not unusual on sale days to have long line ups and only 2 out of 4 checkouts in operation.

A counter became open when it was my turn int he cue.

The clerk was in effect a Front Store Manager ( young Asian girl early 20's ?).
This has been my second encounter with this person.

She did not greet me with "hi or hello"
Asked if I need a bag (up sell)
Rushed me for the Optimum Card, rushed me for payment.
She did not say"Thank You"
Packing my own bag I said to her, that young lady you possess Avery piquant, sharp, and unfriendly business acumen, for you neither said hello or thank you.
She tersely and arrogantly responded--"I said Hi"...she did NOT...then immediately said in a snide and patronizing tone "Thank you for your business--and have a nice day". I promptly told her--too late now for the niceties and "normal" customer service.

I shop very frequently at this location and ALL other employees are very professional and friendly--and I joke with most of them--is how well I know them, and they, me.

Being of a visible minority, her consistent slights could in essence be--discrimination. In other words think Starbucks (Philadelphia) and the sensitivity training across their stores in USA and Canada that had MANDATORY SENSITIVITY training.

It is my most sincere belief this Manger in question, described above--is in serious need of both counsel, and further training in her handling of customers of a visible minority.

I would expect an apology from this individual.

I remain

Lionel Williams

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