Shoppers Drug Martpoints

M Jul 29, 2019

I am frequently missing points from the optimum promotions and am often submitting an enquiry from my app and always declined so I take a different approach and contact them via social media who "typically responds within a few hours" this last experience was terrible, the worse customer service ever! I feel myself a loyal customer to the Optimum Brands such as Esso, No Frills, Shoppers Drug Mart, Lawblaws on a more than weekly basis and when I addressed this I had not even gotten a response and with being head of Customer service I find this disrespectful. I was told I would receive my points with a few days and after a week had lapsed I still did not receive them so I reached out to enquire and initially the social media team had opened my message but did not even have the decency to respond until I mentioned that I saw that they opened my message then they responded and told me to be patient. I furthered to send another email with how I felt as a loyal customer and to this moment I still have not seen my points or received an email. Totally disgusted in this! You guys need to properly train your people and as I mentioned in my social media correspondence I work in the building that is attached to 243 Consumers where both buildings share the smoking area and I hear the stories from the Agents speaking about how irritating the customers are and they often go into detail and laugh amongst each other and say how they make these certain type of customers wait for their points or wait for a resolution.

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