Shoppers Drug Martcustomer service

M Aug 13, 2018

To whom it may concern
I was in shoppers drug mart on lake shore drive in North Bay Ontario on Sunday, Aug.12, 2018.
I went in and wanted to look at foundation in he cosmetics dept. I literally did not have 2 minutes to look when the cosmetics person came to me. I told her I was just looking thanknyou. Well, she didn't leave me alone at all. I was trying to look, and she kept bugging me about this and hat. Try this one, what colour? Etc. She took the one from my hand, grabbed a couple and told me to come to front and she will fab a little on my chin to see if colour was right. She put a bunch on sponge and put it on half of my face!!! I was never so upset! I don't like people touching my face and she just went ahead and did anyway. I'm sorry, but that mad me feel very very uncomfortable. I couldn't get out of here fast enough!
I like to look, and by looking sometimes purchase more. I didn't even get a chance to look she was bugging me. I just got my foundation and got out of that department as fast as I can.
I am still really upset that someone made me feel that way while shopping.
I thought you should be made aware.
I am hesitating on going back there to shop since when you enter doors, the cosmetics counter is right there.
Please don't let your employees push customers to the point that they are so upset they don't want to go back

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